Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Antebellum - Mini Novella Review

Antebellum is the one place that Lydia can go to feel free. Living in a city she barely knows and working a job she can barely stand has her going every weekend to the Goth club and drooling over the one person she looks forward to seeing, Declan Misari. But Declan is more then he appears, and he’s been looking for a woman to sate his carnal desires for longer than he can remember. It’s going to take the intervention of Lydia’s personal faerie Goth mother to bring her together with the darkest of her hearts desires on one special night…
Disclaimer: Received for an honest review
**Summary taken from author website** 

Inside Masquerade Desire is four paranormal novella's. The one I read was Antebellum written by writing duo Dagmar Avery and Charlotte Steele. It tells the gothy tale of Fae Prince, Declan, who meets his ideal sexual mate in the form of human, Lydia.

As with any novella, you don't get much background on either character, but what you do get is substantial enough to build a story to justify all the erotic content and it doesn't feel like it's just tossed together. I really liked Sorcha, Declan's friend and fairy cupid. She chooses Lydia for his partner for the night after hearing her thoughts and how she desires the man.

Fast forward to them meeting inside the club, and soon there after he's leading her through a palatable orgy feast of people all indulging in their desires. Lydia is pretty much unfazed by this, I get the impression she is a live in the moment, go with the flow, kind of girl, it later explains why she instantly believes when she hears the truth of what exactly Declan is.

For a short novella, Antebellum is packed full of the sexy time. Hot and well written, it's certainly made for those humid summer nights when you want something quick to read and submerge into for an hour. My only query about reading it was the little f/f action we see, but that's just my own preference. As I've said before,I'm all for the man nipples (heh)

I found it fun reading about the Fae Prince and his moon Princess. And all their wild frolickings.

Favourite Quote: 
“I feel like Alice in Fuck-me-land,”

I give Antebellum by Dagmar Avery and Charlotte Steele 3 Sparkles out of 5! Steamy read! 

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Minx said...

Alice in fuck me land! hehehehee


Victoria said...

Sounds a sizzling read! Will check it out =) Great review.

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