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Lover Reborn - Review...Of Sorts

Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10)
This cover doesn't do Tohr justice

In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, a conflict like no other rages. The city is home to a band of brothers born to defend their race: the warrior vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Now back in the Brotherhood – and unrecognisable as the vampire leader he once was –Tohrment is physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair. When he begins to see his beloved in his dreams – trapped in a cold, isolating netherworld – Tohr turns to a self-serving fallen angel in hopes of saving the one he has lost. When he's told he must learn to love another to free his former mate, Tohr knows they are all doomed . . . Except then a female with a shadowed history begins to get through to him. Against the backdrop of the raging war with the lessers, and with a new clan of vampires vying for the Blind King's throne, Tohr struggles between the buried past, and a very hot, passion-filled future . . . but can his heart let go and set all of them free?

**Summary taken from Goodreads** 

WARNING - CONTAINS LOTS OF SPOILERS - Don't read and then complain that it had spoilers. Fair warning is given! 

It's that time of year again. When every Black Dagger Brotherhood fan goes INSANE to be the first ones to get their greedy mits on the latest book and then spend X amount of hours in a snot filled crying stupor followed by manic conversations picking over every  little detail .God. I LOVE this time of year! It's like Christmas...with tears and bonding scents! 

So, It was Tohr's turn to take centre stage and for those of you born under a rock and wearing your bubble helmets, He was the already bonded brother fully in love with his shellan Wellsie when she got killed in Lover Awakened. And even then when we knew eventually Tohr would have his own book I had to think HOW would WARDen spin that, since we all know a bonded male is fully bonded, deep bonded to his female, he can't love another! 

But hell in a handbasket, the genius that is J.R. Ward pulled it off. 

You must forgive me, this "review" isn't like any of my others. I can never seem to form a coherent rational thought when a BDB book is concerned so all I will do is give my thoughts and feelings on the book. And YES it will contain SPOILERS - Do not go past this point  if you haven't finished the book! I rarely give spoilers for any book in a review - again, a BDB book is different, my bratty over excited  fangirl self takes over and writes like a maniac giving away plot bombs galore. She's such a little cow.. but has good dress sense, so it all balances out *laughs* 

Onto Lover Reborn! 

Tohrment/NoOne/Rosalhynda/Autumn (the chosen of many names
As many know, I'm not a chosen fan. Verily, I'm not. They're too timid and subservient that I want to vom in my own eyeballs every time one is on the page (OR maybe that's just Layla who brings it out in me. hmm we'll get to THAT later!) so I figured I'd have a "meh" feeling on NoOne. How wrong I was. While she is quiet and chooses to blend into the background, I thought she was wonderful and just what Tohr needed to bring him back to life. Their relationship over the span of a year was hard at times.  
Tohr thought he was helping Wellsie move into the fade just by bedding and feeding from NoOne and he was quite open and honest about this to her and in turn she was open about helping him. Although WE the readers knew he was falling for her, despite all his insistence he wasn't! He was super harsh with her at times, brutally so in things he said, but it had to be for it to be believable, he was fighting against feeling anything for another female. She was more harsh on herself, choosing to put herself in the role of maid all these years, self punishing for past deeds. It was lovely to see her blossom and fall in love. 

Who knew a dead spouse being so prominent in a book would work! But it did. And I'm  glad WARDen didn't paste over Wellsie and focus fully on Tohr and NoOne being happily ever after within a few months. 

That shit took time. And she showed us the full process. Loved! The entire transition had to work in its own time-frame for it to be believeable. For ME, it gave me what I wanted for all people involved. 

Onto the smex. Oh my. Wow. Who knew Tohr was a durty durty boy! And so hands on with himself *coughs* And he's rough! God bless you WARDen. If he'd been a pansy-ass in bed, well.. I would have screamed in anguish (I refer back to Lover Enshrined. I can't even remember Phury's brand of yawn-smex. ) But hell no, he was all kinds of delicious. EXCEPT when he junk punched himself for getting hard over NoOne. O_O That was one cray cray brother right there! The conversation with Lassiter afterwards was hilarious though.  

Did I believe the relationship at the very end? Yes.  We didn't get bonding scent, which I was disappointed with, but this is an altogether new love that has had to endure some heavy baggage to get where they are. I'm sure that scent will be flaring in no time! I loved that their story came full circle from when they first knew each other. Perhaps if NoOne hadn't killed herself they would have fallen in love much sooner. But then it would have changed events for Darius/JohnMatthew/ Xhex *mind blown* Shit happens for a reason. Even death. 

I adored the change in Tohr, to see his recovery while he still struggled to let go of Wellsie. He is the glue for the brotherhood, he stands up to Wrath when it's needed all the while giving his King full respect. Loved that! 

And speaking of. I had to mention my King. *swoon sigh* For months on facebook Ward had speculated something major was going down with Wrath. And we'd need tissues for the book. SayWhuTnOW? *PANIC* I had to think of HOW something would happen to him, he doesn't leave the mansion often. Certainly couldn't be attacked by lessers. WHATWOULDHAPPENTOHIM?! And then I began to read and he wanted to go and visit all the heads of the glymera families. *no no no NO don't do it, Wrath!* He's the King, he listens to no one. gah! And he got shot. In the motherfucking throat! *panics some more* I had some wild manic freak out at this point. My beloved King was going to be offed! By that EVOL Xcor *hiss boo HISS* And then Tohr, brave fecking wonderful Tohr performed a trach-a-whatsit-omy on him in the back of a moving van and all was saved. *PHEW* Even in his hospital bed Wrath was freaking adorable. How he loved on George and Beth so devotely *swoon* God, I love him. Thank you Warden for not killing him! 

Qhuinn for his bravery in engaging Xcor in hand to hand battle distracting the baddass mofo while Wrath escaped has earned him a future Brotherhood status. SO FREAKING HAPPY about this. To watch Qhuinn grow up within the books, to see him mature from his manwhore self to a male of worth has been lovely. There wasn't much Qhuay angst in this book. So glad about that, there was too much in Lover Unleashed. I love how he calls Saxton a slut just because he's jealous. hah!  Saxton IS good to Blay and for Blay right now, but I am fully on board for Qhuay to happen and SOON! If only that evil hag face Layla wouldn't keep getting in the fecking way! *hiss* 

I actually..thawed a little towards the horny chosen. Somewhat. Her friendship with Qhuinn is actually sweet, he calls her babygirl. And he's taught her the ways of the world, showed her things, how to use modern everyday things. And still STILL she is dim as a freaking lamp post!  She can't work out for herself how ODD it is for her to be called out into the field to serve a male while he's injured. She can't say 'hey, let me just go check with my primale that this is okay to do'. Nooooooo. She's all up on Xcor like Ho on skank.  I don't like that she's cluelessly dim. And then when I didn't think she could get much worse. BAM hello needing. Hello horny chosen  begging Qhuinn to service her so they can have a child together and not be alone. WHAAAAAAAAT NOOOOO!! 

So Qhuinn has done the nasty with the chosen. Verily so. And they'll have a baby, that he's forseen. The only saving grace was we didn't see any of their smex. ThankyouWarden! Seems though, a little chosen hip bumping has focused the hell out of Qhuinn, he knows he wants Blay now and is ready for it *squeak* But Xcor is all lovey dovey over Layla. Yeah, that's gonna be her mate. How he'll behave knowing she's knocked up by a warrior I don't know. It'll be like romeo and juliet. Star crossed lovers destined never to 
be together. Only with leather, fangs and verily's! 

Oh Em Gee. Could an angel ever be as F-awesome as Lassiter? He really stepped up to the plate in Lover Reborn. And who knew the book would actually be about him too!?! That three way "in between" twist at the end. GENIUS! I'm so glad he came back, he is true friends with Tohr and NoOne and he tried to hide it behind his smartass ways, but he did care what happened to them. I loved him so hard. He needs his book and happily ever after soon SOON! (so we can see him nekkid again. *coughs* ) He was such light  and refreshing while all around there was sadness. I loved his one liners. More Lassie soon! 

There was other factors in Lover Reborn. LOTS happened. JM and Xhex were having marital troubles, so much so she moved out for the better part of a year, she stopped fighting for the brotherhood, went back to her old job with Trex at The Iron Mask and would only get together with John when they bumped hips in her office. SO HOT. *coughs* I mean,... it was so sad to see them like that. But it had to happen, so JM would stop his caveman ways and know she can and would take care of herself. She certainly is not a meek little shellan. All is well though, they finally kissed and made up. I enjoyed more seeing a different side to Xhex and her mum. When she called her mahmen for the first time *sniff sniff* 

The Band of Bastards. Or B.O.B *snicker* are hell bent on dethroning Wrath *HISS* never gonna happen. NEVER! jog along you handsome rough and rugged bastards..jog on back to the native country. Throe is one to watch, I still think he be be swayed to the good side. Zypher is a sexy mofo! And we now know two of the three cousins in the BOB: syphon and Balthazar. Warden does love her bad boys, indeed. And the fugly ones! Xcor is sure to have his book soon, what with being head over feets for the chosen *vom* He did, however show a slither of redemption, when he punished himself over stabbing Throe. But, he's trying to kill my damn King. No redemption from me. NONE!!!!!! Take your chosen, sir, and return to whence you came! 

He is an intriguing character, indeed. Seems we all blinked and missed something somewhere, cause they all know him, including the BOBs. He is an aristocrat vampire, and only out for his own gain (so far) and is on neither side of the war with the brotherhood and BOBs. He  reminds me of Rehvenge in how he carries himself, liking the finer things in life and not giving a shit about anything but making his green. I liked him. Although, I was predestined to since WARDen said next to Z Assail was her favourite! I FLOVE Zsadist. Therefore I shall love Assail. Now that he's been classed as "enemy" to Xcor I wonder if Assail will now naturally lean in Wrath's camp.  Time will tell. No doubt, Ward will keep us guessing and make us wait three books before we see him again. *flop* She's quite evil like that. 

Rhage shaking his money maker - Hilarious! 
Z hugging Tohr and giving him a picture Nalla made - Tears. Much tears. 
All the father son moments with Tohr and JM - sweet. 
No Murhder whatsoever - Boo. BOO! I wanted to see the peach eyes. 
Beth being front and centre to help save her man again - Love her! LOVE! 
The fade ceremony.  - Little confusing and a lot sad. 
TWO needings in one book. - holyfuckingbatman wow! 
All the brothers bonding together for a sad moment. God. heartstrings yanked hard. Loved those boys so MUCH! 

I have learned one thing from Lover Reborn. Warden likes her males to be handsy with themselves. I approve this. *Laughs* 

Did you stay with me through my entire ramble? Can you tell I loved this book? LOVED! All the manic of waiting an entire year for it  was worth it. I need to re-read it now, for all those small tidbits I may have missed. For any BDB fanatic, this is one of the best in the series in my opinion. One I will happily and cryingly read over and over. 

My guess for the next book. Not surprisingly, Qhuay or Xcor/Layla. 

Now we have to wait for the novella's! 

What a book. Who said second time love can't be just as powerful? Loved it. 
I give Lover Reborn TOP rating. 5 sparkles out of 5!! 

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Rehv said...

[cocks a brow] Not one word about me in your review, Bearsy.. I had the best part too [smirks full on fang] nice review [nods]

Sparklybearsy said...

I DID speak of you, Rehv! I said Assail was like you *grins* Only NOT as good, ovbiously *nods lots*

KT Grant said...

I need Qhuay NOW!! The last page before the epilogue had me hopping around.

If Layla is pregnant I'm going to choke. But I'm all for who she's going to end up with.

Unfortunately I wasn't too woo hoo about Tohr and Autumn. Key word is no bonding scent, which is very, very important with mates. But watching Tohr struggle with the death of Wellsie was gut wretching.

I need moar crack now.

Sparklybearsy said...

*laughing* we can never have ENOUGH BDB Crack! I read for 10 straight hours and still wanted another 600 pages. #greedycow

The no bonding scent worries me too. Hopefully he's kicked it into gear and it will be FLARING like some kind of forest fire when we next see them.

QHUAY! please baby jesuz yes. That last line from Qhuinn... EEK gave me hope they're next.

Anonymous said...

Nice review! I thought the lack of bonding scent was too strange. Not even a hint of it even in the epilogue. What's up with that?? Speaking of the epilogue! I didn't want to read it because of that little QHUAY chapter right before it. Yay!! I am totally obsessed with those two guys right now. Fingers crossed that the next story will contain their HEA and lots of steamy smex scenes! Greetings from Anne in Denmark! :-D

Sparklybearsy said...

Hi Anne! =)

I have hopes Tohr's bonding scent will kick in soon. It HAS to.

That last line from Qhuinn gave me chills! I'm so jazzed for their book. It seems both are in a good place to be together now. And Ward said two big things had to happen in LR before they got their HEA. So happy Q will be a brother too. I have hope we'll get our Qhuay smex. Blay surprised the heck out of me turning all rough with Saxton in his office!

The Epi made me cry :P I loved Lass coming back, he's part of that house now.

Jenn said...

Qhuinn was CRAZY 'Nuff Said.

Great review Bears, I agree with it all. I would have liked more V and Z in there and some Murhder too. But those bastards made it for it.

Dehviousangel said...

I'm glad someone else noticed the lack of bonding scent too! Feels like something is lacking without it. When a brother loves, his scent comes out.

Terrific review, Claire. :)

Now we wait for the next book -twitches-

jaymzangel said...

want next book now! QHUAY!!!! finally! SQUEE
I can't even contain myself. a year is gonna be torture. it'll be like waiting for Shadowfever to come out.
I agree about the bonding scent & the "Mine" moment but I understand why they weren't there. I liked Tohr & Autumn together, they fit nicely. the sex was deliciously dirty & I love that Tohr was so handsy with himself *DROOL*
so many great moments in this book. lots of bawling done on my part =P I am very intrigued with Assail, need more of him STAT. adore Lassiter like MAD! can't wait for his book as well.
I'm just gonna direct everyone here to your review, bt. I still can't put together a coherent thought other that OMG LURVEEEEEE!
fabulous review, my shiny one! xoxoxoxo

The Librarian said...

This is the best Lover Reborn review I've read so far !! I need to get my hands on this book!!!

I need Lassiter

Alison said...

Awesome review! You are hilarious, and just what I needed to get a quick recap of the book. Cannot WAIT to read about QHUAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about all the books, but specifically it was said in Lover at Last. It was said that it's been a little over 2 years since Beth's transition (regarding needing starting 5 years after transition). So 11 books have happened over the span of 2 years? I am so desperately confused. Did I read something wrong? Is there some sort of mistake?

Sparklybearsy said...

Hey Anonymous. No, you read correctly. With Beth being Half breed her needing can happen in the first five years of her transition. Because she is half breed, all the time frames are just guess work, same for the pregnancy, warden said she would probably have a regular 9 month one and not the vampire 18 month gestation.

I always take the BDB time frame loosely 'cause there's lots of things where time doesn't match up *laughs* Long as warden keeps giving us the books she can say whatever year it is she wants =)

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