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Predators of Darkness - Review

Fear What Lurks In The Shadows The desolate streets of downtown Pittsburgh in 2073 are a reminder of the missile attack that forever changed the lives of the surviving scientists and students hidden in the fallout shelter of Helmsby's Genetic Research Center. Believing themselves to be the only survivors, they station themselves inside the center until food supplies near depletion. Thinking the fallout has lessened, they emerge three years later to discover strange creatures patrolling the streets in search of human flesh and blood. The creatures possess the ability to shift their genomes and alter their appearances by realigning their genetic sequences. Daniel Hutchinson, their leader, teams with Lucas Ridale and together they set out to scavenge the area for food and supplies with the hope to find other survivors. But Daniel's most recent journey uncovers mysteries more frightening than the shifters. He discovers the tip of Pittsburgh has been fenced off from the rest of the area. Low-flying helicopters observe the streets, making him ponder the question: Were the shifters released as simply part of a military experiment with humans being their prey?
**Summary taken from Goodreads**
Disclaimer: Provided by author for honest review. 

A sci fi book is never my first choice of reading material. I'm a girl who likes a lot of romance mixed in with her demons and creatures that go bump in the night and i find Sci Fi doesn't deliver that for my needs. Yet i was intensely intrigued by the synopsis of Predators of Darkness when the author wrote and asked me for a review. So i hiked up my big girl pants and ventured into waters i rarely went into. 

And was pleasantly surprised with Predators of Darkness by Leonard D Hilley.  The characters held my attention. Fully rounded and had such great depth to them, i particularly liked Daniel the lead character. Some are more complex than others, but he stood out for me with his take charge air about him. 

While not everything i found engaging, some of the plot left me with a "huh" face, and some points i just thought not quite believable for the context of the story. Not having read anything post apocalyptic before i thought the author weaved an interesting tale giving real depth to each character even the secondary ones. It was an interesting premise on shifters i hadn't seen before, not wanting to give too much away to spoil the plot it's a kind of "you have to read it to understand" but you know if i liked a sci fi book then it has to be good since i have ADD with anything that's not predominantly in the romance genre. 

Lots of gore and scary moments, some a little too gory for my liking, but for a die hard sci fi fan they will love it. 

Overall an enjoyable read, a book that makes you think "WTF, i hope this doesn't really happen!" hah. 

I give Predators of Darkness by Leonard D Hilley 3.5 Sparkles out of 5! 

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Twimom227 said...

I used to only read Sci-fi, but now that I've discovered romance, it's hard to go back. This one sounds good, though! thanks for the review!

Minx said...

I am a sci fi girlie too so I think I might hike up my girl pants aka frillies and test the waters with this one, I have some sci fi waiting for me at home too.


Thanks Bear *smoooooch*

Sparklybearsy said...

@Twimom and @Minx Hi girls! if you like hardcore sci fi you'd enjoy this one :)

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