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Feeding the Vampire - Review

Through good luck and healthy cowardice, Misty has survived the earthquakes that have torn the world apart, but has no skills to speak of. Or so she thinks. She does have blood, and someone must feed the vampire who has offered his protection and strength in exchange for sustenance. Feeding Ivan is a priority, and Misty finally serves a purpose. But when she awakens tied to his bed, an unwilling gift to Ivan from the townspeople, she discovers he has hungers other than blood. Hungers he expects her to satisfy in the most carnal manner. Under his seductive persuasion Misty discovers she has the power to sustain Ivan in all ways, while experiencing unspeakable pleasure herself. 
**Summary taken from Author website**
Disclaimer: Provided by Author for honest review. 

I knew soon as i began to read Feeding the Vampire by Jeffe Kennedy that it was my kind of book. First the vampire had an old style vampire name: Ivan. Something about that i just love. You give a vampire a name like Harry or Todd and it's Huh, i don't even wanna see his fangs! But Ivan, yeah now that IS a vampire name. 
The second clue to my liking this book was a line from the heroine Misty:

At least I knew how to make blood. You could say I was a natural

You have to give the girl kudos for that! She's walking to uncertain doom, feeding a vampire under the pressure of her entire town, wanting to keep safe and not be tossed out of the fraught community and she shows signs of spunk and humour. I liked that about her. Misty wasn't a wilting wallflower, she had gumption, she was fearful of this new vampire offering protection to her town in the wake of the earthquake that changed everything, yet it didn't stop her giving him her vein, not knowing if she'd live or die. 

Feeding the VampireYou have to love a vampire who gives good fang AND sex. Within the space of a night he changes Misty's life for good. The ending had me wanting to yell out "you go girl" 

Favourite Quotes: 

“No—that is non-negotiable. I will have all of you. I’ll give you health, security, safety. Happiness, possibly. Everything in my power to give. But in return, I’ll have everything—your pain, your desire. Every last shuddering gasp and drop of you.” 

“Besides…” He caressed my heated flesh, steely eyes boring into mine while I shuddered under his touch. “You love the bonds, I think. They make you mine. You want that as much as I do. See? Your body knows.” 

Feeding the Vampire is a novella, and a hot fanged read, a must read for all who love their vamps with a side order of UNF! 
I give Feeding the Vampire by Jeffe Kennedy 4 Sparkles out of 5!  - Bitetastic! 


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Minx said...

OOOOO a girl has got to love a vampire quickie and it sounds like this is one to love. I am with you with the Vamp names, Ivan! Great name, can you imagine the vampire Bobby?

Great review Miss Bearsy *smooch*

Dehviousangel said...

Ohh i love this review, must add this sexy short to my tbr list. thanks! :)

MamaKitty said...

I think I want to read the book based on the quotes, alone! wow!

Sparklybearsy said...

Hi girls!! it's short but it packs a punch, i really enjoyed it!

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