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Reign of Pleasure - Review

Deposed queen Rhiannon’s sexual proclivities have finally gotten her into trouble. After Rhiannon took a pleasure slave who didn’t belong to her, the courtesan’s master is asking the ultimate price for the trespass—not Rhiannon’s life, but her body…and complete submission for three days. Rhiannon is determined to submit only her body, but Lord Ignius Sebastian, her new master, will settle for nothing less than her soul. 
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Reign of Pleasure
On Nom Nom, smexen warrior man. 
Queen Rhiannon is not a favourite of her court since she married a human some 200 years ago. Since his death she hadn't taken a lover, instead chose to feed her sexual hunger pleasuring female slaves. When she was tricked into taking another's slave, her own council punished her into the care of Lord Ignius for five days to do anything he wanted no rejection allowed or her punishment would be doubled. 

Okay, i have to start by saying, Reign of Pleasure by Emma Petersen, I loved loved LOVED! I knew i'd like it soon as it's opening sentence grabbed me: 

As a deposed queen used to the treachery that lay around every corner at court, you’d think I’d be a little more vigilant, a little more apt to look a gift whore in the mouth

Rhiannon and Ignius together were made of heat lust love sensual and most definitely made of erotic, scorching hot erotic! The story is told in Rhiannon's POV, she was a great female lead, but you still get a feel for what Ignius is thinking, you certainly know he wants and always has wanted her for his own for a long time. He is the stuff great book boyfriends are made of, all powerful, dark, moody, and has an air of sensual sex about him that could make your panties squeal from a hundred paces away! I loved him. swoon. 

Without words, he demanded my submission as he brought me to the edge again and again, only to deny me. I lost track of the time, of why I couldn’t, wouldn’t say what he needed me to say until, sobbing, I could take no more.“Please, Master, can I come?” Sweat and tears ran down my cheeks. “Please, can I come?”“So now you know my name?” He rammed into me and I cried out with the pleasure-pain of it.

Not only is this a tale of seductive submission, surrender, the sexiest of all BDSM, it is intertwined with a beautiful romance, of longing and letting go of a past love to allow a new love in your life. It makes for a wonderful read, one i know i will read again. 

Favourite Quotes from Rhiannon: 
I didn’t need to know her name and, though I knew I should ask who sent her and why, I walked farther into my chamber and went directly to my toy chest. There would be time for idle chitchat later.

I needed something to break the tension that had been riding me harder than a two-dollar harlot at a poor man’s convention.

Sidenote: I'm intrigued by brother Dante. please let him have his story too! 

I loved this novella. I give Reign of Pleasure by Emma Petersen 4.5 Sparkles out of 5! 

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Dehviousangel said...

Holy hell this sounds great, and 4.5 out of five! i trust your judgement babes, i'm going to dl it now. Ignius sounds like my kind of warrior -grins-

great review! :)

Sparklybearsy said...

so so so good! so much so i'm going to get the other books this author has out =)

Pamela {Spaz} said...

Great review! I loved this one too :P

Sparklybearsy said...

Thanks Pam! i really loved this book, i hope everyone gives it a try. thanks for stopping by! =)

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