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Her Temptress - Review

After enduring fourteen years of thankless, mind-numbing, backbreaking work, disgruntled employee, Meredith Hartman, is about to be fired…and knows it.
Her young, sexy boss has no qualms about letting her go, but Meredith hopes to change her mind.  It'll take a nasty category two hurricane, a Saturday at the office, and one mean panther to pull this off.  Meredith just might be able to save her job, but how far is she willing to go to accomplish that goal?
**Summary taken from Goodreads**
Disclaimer: Provided by author for an honest review. 

 Picture the scene, it was a nice rainy (i love rain!) afternoon, and into my inbox jumps a book review request, those always give me a thrill to be asked by an author, so in my glee i almost missed that it said it was female/female. Ut Oh. Anyone who has chatted books with me, or read my tweets knows im strictly a boy lovens kinda girl. While i have nothing against an all female book, it just doesn't toast my oats, you know? 
So i wrote the author back, saying i would read it, but it wasn't my favourite genre and i had no idea how i'd rate it (i wanted to be fair and let her know in a subtle kind of way that i'd probably score it low. and i hate to do that..) and if she wanted to retract the request that was absolutely okay. 
Yet the author of crazy still wanted my review.. 

Oookay.. so i forged ahead, going into territories unknown to me, i pulled up my big girl pants and began to read my very first f/f book. 

Her TemptressHer Temptress by TK Turner begins with Meredith, she seems like a down trodden mother and wife, with her career about to spiral down the drain too. We don't see much of her home life, but she eludes to it being not so happy any more, no love and attention from her busy husband. 

It's on a Saturday morning, a hurricane heading to town that Meredith has to go into work, the bitch of a boss Lakeisha, who everyone calls 'The Panther' has gave the degrading task to Meredith to train her own replacement. It's at work that Meredith encounters the Panther and things soon escalate down an erotic road she has never been before. 

I was pleasantly surprised that i liked this novella, it not being something i'd ordinarily read (i do like seeing man nipples in my books! heh) but i couldn't help being drawn in with these characters. 

The Panther is this fierce power driven passionate ball busting character, her actions and decisions seem quite harsh and cold, she takes what she wants when she wants it, and on that Saturday stormy day she sees something in Meredith and unlocks hidden desires. On top of her desk. cough. 

What i had a hard time finding realistic was Meredith hated her boss, hated the fact that Lakeisha was the one who was ending her hard working career, yet she was stood in her office, seething with fury over the bad treatment she'd had to endure from a company she'd put X number of years into,  having thoughts on her the bosses nipples.  Erm. okay, that seemed a bit left field to me. 

But, towards the end of the novella, after all the steamy play... and there was a lot packed in, you begin to see both women are strong in their own ways, and both have vulnerabilities and needs that for that one afternoon the other answered to those needs. 

I wondered how the author would end this tale of girl love, would Meredith leave her husband for the panther, would the panther show a softer side and change her evil power hungry ways..I wont spoil it but i was pleased how it finished, it seemed a realistic way to end. 

Pleasantly surprised, and happy that TK Turner on this occasion with her well written all female tale could hold my attention and make me like a story i would have otherwise overlooked. 

I give Her Temptress by TK Turner 3.5 sparkles out of 5. 

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Twimom227 said...

Glad you ended up enjoying something you weren't too sure about. I love finding reads like that! Thanks for the review. And the blog looks lovely!!

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks hun! i was pleasantly surprised, lol. i love when an author can turn my opinion around =)

thanks for dropping by.

Nixie said...

Interesting! Love your new siggy too btw. :D Thanks for the review, that's always cool when a book changes your original idea of what you thought it may be like.

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