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Safeword:Rainbow/Storm clouds - Double Review

Tyler and Vivian have found each other again after a three day fling three years ago. They think they are ideally suited for each other and go forward to try to make a relationship work. And then they realize that Tyler was expecting a 24/7 total power exchange relationship and Vivian will never be a 24/7 submissive. They want to make a relationship work, but how can they get past this? As they try to find a compromise Vivian must deal with what a Total Power Exchange means, even if it is only a part time power exchange. And Tyler must decide if he can be okay with a sometimes Master and sometimes boyfriend relationship. Will they find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
**Summary taken from Goodreads**
Disclaimer: provided by author for an honest review

As a fan of erotica and BDSM stories, there isn't a flogger or candle i haven't liked (in my stories! hah) so i was excited to read something from an author new to me. Safeword: Rainbow by Candace Blevins.
It begins with quite a harsh BDSM scene, too harsh even for my tastes and i've read some pretty out there erotica. The harsh i can deal with, but it felt like a "how to" manual for BDSM, there was no sexy to it, no heat, very clinical. With any erotica and BDSM in particular, the logistics have to include it being sensual for me the reader to enjoy it, to want to read it again. 
I'd like to say it improved, but i don't know, i couldn't get past the first few chapters and i really wanted to but when a book fails for you it's just easier to put it down than to suffer through. 

While it wasn't for me, i always leave a review with the option for other readers to try it for themselves, what isn't for me me, isn't necessarily the same for everyone. This just wasn't my cuppa tea. I like my cuppa tea sexy kinky not just kinky. 

I rate Safeword: Rainbow DNF


Kendra has lived as a vampire for thousands of years, and she’s been a Domme for the past thousand years. But then she falls for a human man who happens to be wired as a Dom. Neither is interested in a switch relationship, but neither is willing to give up their Dom side, either. They have strong feelings for each other, can they make it work? As Eric learns about the world of vampires and decides whether he can deal with it or not, the other vampires have to figure out whether they can deal with Kendra, their third in command, submitting to a human who some of them feel is so far beneath them on the evolutionary ladder. Can Kendra and Eric battle all of this to find happiness
**Summary taken from Goodreads** 
Disclaimer: Provided by author for an honest review. 

After not finishing Safeword:Rainbow, i went into reading Safeword:Storm Clouds with fresh eyes and im glad i did. It was more up my street, about vampires for one, who doesn't love a good vampire tale with some erotica thrown in too?  

Kendra, a domme from way back wants human Eric as her blood source. Its a sign of weakness in the vampire community to let a mere human dominate you... Cue Eric's alpha status and the vampire chick has a problem since she's attracted to Eric and wants him for her own. 

Eric, adrenalin junkie gamer geek takes easily to the life of vampires, too easy in my opinion, he gets flooded with all this vampire law of do's and don'ts and readily accepts Kendra (although later has a few doubts, that are gotten past) 

While this book i enjoyed the erotic BDSM side, i didn't think it felt very paranormal, the vampires were too human. i don't know, perhaps i'm used to scarier creatures that go bump in the night. So in that respect i mostly concentrated on the BDSM parts of the book which were intense and sexy and well written, very inventive too.  The struggle both characters had with submission, giving power over to the other was intriguing to read, two dominants in the same relationship, that has to cause some trouble! 

For fans of the erotica this is a pleasant read. 
I give Safeword: Storm Clouds by Candice Blevins 3 Sparkles out of 5. 

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