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Tender Mercies - Review

“Grace. That word that finally meant something again. Mercy. Favor. Good will.” Fed up with play kink, Grace Warner moves to an island that embraces erotic slavery to be with a man she met online. Within hours of her arrival, everything is ripped from her, and she quickly learns play is preferable to the realities of actual enslavement. Asher Collins has spent the past year mourning and blaming himself for the death of his slave, Darcy. When Grace catches his eye at a showing, obviously abused, he becomes obsessed with buying her and finding a way to atone for his own past sins.
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Beautiful cover!
For an entire year, Lucas groomed Grace long distance into becoming his slave on an exclusive island where Master is ruler over all and slaves have little to no rights. Smart, funny charming he seems to be everything Grace wants from the kink lifestyle but soon lives to regret her decision. Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas picks up Eight month after Grace arrived on the Island and she's in a living nightmare. Lucas is the Master from Hell putting Grace through the most unimaginable torture, sick twisted things all trying to break her spirit so he can own her completely. 

Several times this book was turned on its head with its plot twists, just when you think it's going one way Kitty Thomas takes a 180 and blows your mind. Lucas was a character i hated. I hated him with a fiery vengeance, he's the kind of character you would happily see burn in Hell and not feel regret over it. He was truly evil with the things he did to Grace, and thankfully we didn't get in depth details because just the hint of things was enough. I'd wondered how the story would go if he was the hero, and then Asher appeared. 

Asher the antithesis to Lucas and suddenly this story had the kind of Master Slave relationship i'd been waiting for. We see Asher at the beginning of the book when an 'Omg' moment happens, something i had not expected (the first of Kitty Thomas' 180 moves!) he's living with what happened, when he sees the rough treatment Grace is having to endure, wants her instantly. Buys her from Lucas. 

And that's when the story finally has some heat to it. He's not a soft Master, but as he tells Grace he will never harm her. He punishes, he makes the frightened broken Grace whole again and it was beautiful to read. It was almost like reading a romance with extreme BDSM tossed into the mix. Asher was just lovely and when another twist is thrown in he made me swoon with what he did for Grace. 

I can't ever praise Kitty Thomas enough for the books she writes, she isn't afraid to "go there" i love that she blows my mind with her subject matter, she twists the sexy with erotic and makes you question morals beliefs of what is consensual and non consensual. While this is yet another of her books that wont be for everyone, if you reach for the smelling salts easily then it's probably not something you'll want to read. 

I for one will read Tender Mercies again, the story is strong, characters you will love or hate equally, enough erotic content to keep even the kinkiest of bitches happy and a.. dare i say it...romance to satisfy you with the swoon. 

Did i mention i love Asher? i do! 

Favourite Quotes: 

“Sweet, little Grace. I like slaves who are careful, who agonize over the decision. You’re the one I had to fight hardest to acquire. I found several potentials to replace my last slave, but they were all too stupid. After a week they were ready to come here. But you . . . you were different. You were a prize worth owning.” - Lucas

“I take care of what’s mine.” - Asher 

A wonderful read. I give Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas 4 Sparkles out of 5! 
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PS. i hear rumours of Sci-fi and Mermaids for Kitty's next books. Cannot Wait to see how she kinks them up! 

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Minx said...

Great review Bearsy, I know how much you have enjoed these books, I really must try them. I have the first one and was waiting for my holiday to start it. I thought it was probably something I should concentrate on and have the time to finish it.

Lovely to have you back.

MinxyMoo xx

Sparklybearsy said...

you NEED to read all three Minxy!! you will LOVE Master from Comfort Food

ohhh and Asher, yes you'll like him too!

pattepoilue said...

I love the review. I have to say I'm both tempted AND scared of this book. I've never read a book by Kitty Thomas. I'm afraid that I'm too vanilla for this kind of BDSM. We'll see, I have to get out of my comfort zone sometimes ;)

Sparklybearsy said...

Patte! i will hold your hand while you dip your toe into the kink waters *grins* read this one first, then go back and read Comfort Food (they're not a series, that one is my all time fave Kitty book) it will be an experience you never forget!! hehe.

Marissa said...

I read it too, I loved Asher and hated Lucas and at the end I felt sorry for James, I love the intensity of Kitty's books!

AsianCocoa said...

First off, I like your new "lighter" blog!
I loved Asher too and despised Lucas. I told Kitty that she should've had Lucas' dog bite his peen off before (you know what)!
Great review.

Sparklybearsy said...

@Marissa I felt bad for James too. I was glad of the outcome for Lucas, hated him! I love that Kitty mixes a whole plethora of emotions into one book.

@AsianCocoa thanks hun! I agree with that! Lucas was a sick SOB, that whole dog thing...shudder.

thanks for stopping by =)

pattepoilue said...

@Sparkly Alright if you hold my hand ;) It's definitely on my TBR list now *g*

Dehviousangel said...

OHH i really enjoyed this author's book 'comfort Food' i must get this one too, sounds intriguing!

Great review Claire!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Dehviousangel Vic, you will really enjoy this one! Asher is a great master!

SusiSunshine said...

I'm so sure I'm too much a whimp to read this one but I'm really happy you loved it so much!

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