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Guilty Pleasures - Review

Vivian Delaney leads a life of privilege, but behind closed doors she feels isolated and trapped in a gilded cage. Unable to achieve sexual pleasure with her husband, she finds herself in the capable hands of Anton, a massage therapist intent on awakening her to her full sexual potential. By any means necessary. As their secret meetings progress, she falls farther down a rabbit hole where the line between rape and illicit affair grows increasingly blurred. Anton will accept nothing short of her complete surrender as he molds and shapes her to be sold to the highest bidder
**Summary taken from Goodreads** 

Last year, one of my top 5 books was Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. This author took all my morals, my fantasies, my beliefs, my right and wrongs and tossed them the hell up until i was addicted to her Master. (i still miss him! ahh!)  So you can imagine i was colour me happy to read her second book Guilty Pleasures. While it's not a follow on sequel book, it is on the same lines of Comfort Food, non-consensual pleasure. A woman forced to face her inner most sexual desires, whether she wants to or not. 

Now, as a good little slave girl (Master trained me well in Comfort Food)  my mind was already accepting of this concept, I didn't find anything shocking with the leading lady Vivian being blackmailed into having her sexual pleasures awakened by a therapist. I didn't even find it shocking when she's basically kidnapped and put into a house, to be trained in all the ways of a submissive sex slave to be sold off at a later time. Does this say something about my inner desires? *laughs* who knows, i just think it's the fantastic writing of Kitty Thomas, she draws you in from word one, delving into the unknown taboo subjects most authors shy away from, and i love that about her. 

To talk briefly of the characters, Vivian a bored housewife who to my eyes can barely tolerate her husbands touch or even him, she seemed pampered and spoiled and i couldn't relate to her at all. There was times i wanted to slap her hard, tell her to stop being so self involved and whiny. I don't know if she was deliberately written so we the reader wouldn't like her, but that was my feeling. As the book progressed and she was broken down layer by layer she does evolve, but still by the last page she wasn't my favourite person. 

Favourite Quote: 

This was the devil. This was what temptation was. Gorgeous evil wrapped in a mask of innocence and consent. And she found herself falling to his seduction.

There was several male leads, the husband, the sex therapist and the slave trainers. Two to look out for are Anton and Gabe (swoon!) Oh, i loved Gabe, i wouldn't mind him giving me a weekend of training (SayWhat?!) cough. Anyway, moving along. What i found weak in the story was, the actual trainers, i'm still a girl who despite being kink wired loves a good connection with characters, With Emily and Master, however some people might think their relationship was wrong (these are what i call crazy people!) they had a deep connection that had me living their story with them. I didn't feel that in Guilty Pleasures, and it may be because i didn't like Vivian, or the fact that the trainers were running a business and couldn't get attached to the slaves. 
I just felt it lacked something.  

Having said that, if you like something darker with your erotica, if you can embrace something a lot different to what you've read before, if you don't mind that 'uncomfortable yet turned on at the same time oh i shouldn't like this but damn that is sexy' feeling then you should give Guilty Pleasures a read.
While these kind of books aren't for everyone, i do love the dark delicious tale Kitty Thomas spins. I can't wait for her new one 'Tender Mercies' 

I give Guilty Pleasures 4 Sparkles out of 5! 
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