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Slave to Pleasure - Review

Living in exile with her mother, Nissa a half human half fae, trains with the hope to one day become a hunter. When she goes into her first sexual heat six years too soon, she is kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder at the slave auction. Unwilling to give up her freedom for slavery, even if it is to two rugged and virile hunters, she takes desperate steps to escape. She should have known she couldn’t outrun the inevitable. Roane and Erik have shared everything in life and plan for Nissa to be no exception. The steely innocence they recognize in her matches up to everything they’ve been looking for. Purchasing her at auction should have sealed the deal, but neither of them bargained on her ruthless determination or the secret she harbored. Forced to face her weakness, Nissa agrees to a bargain. Seven days and nights of total submission, no questions asked and freedom is hers. Nissa is certain in the end she will want to leave and Roane and Erik are certain she wont

**Summary taken from Goodreads** 
Disclaimer: Provided by Author for an honest review. 

My attention is always caught when a book is based on M/F/M so i was intrigued to review Slave to Pleasure by Eliza Gayle. While the plot somewhat lost me in this book, (im not big on fae and their world. just a personal choice, no reflection on the book)  i did however love the magical aspects of these characters, Nissa, Roane and Erik were engaging to read about, two strong alpha males and a heroine who wouldn't just let them have all their own way. 
Heavily laden with the erotica this is a great read for those cold winter nights when you want something to heat you up, sexily written, lots of inter play with all three characters, including boy on boy love! Nissa is taken on a sexual journey with the two lead males and it was one i enjoyed reading about. hot hot hot! 

Favourite hot Quote: 
"there’s a good chance you’ll pass out before I’m done with you.”  

A fast read that transports you to a magical world full of sexy delicious people! Well worth a read. 

I give Slave to Pleasure by Eliza Gayle 3 Sparkles out of 5! Bondilicious! 

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