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Personal Research - Review

Briefs are Elena Thomas’s life, whether they’re legal at her day job or on the men in the erotic novels she writes. She’s just fine with saving her imagination for her books until temptation appears in the form of Nunzio, the smokin’-hot office IT guy. When he discovers one of her scorching books shooting out of the printer, Elena’s not sure if he wants her because she’s inventive or because he thinks she’s desperate. That doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of his “services”. On her desk. On the copier. And, oh yeah—in her boss’s chair.  Nunzio’s shocked to learn Elena’s wall-hugging persona hides a wildcat of a woman with delicious fantasies and an enticing wit. She’s exactly what he’s been looking for in an adventurous lover—and girlfriend. He knows she enjoys their sexual research. Now he just has to convince her that sizzling sex is only the first chapter of their blazing-hot romance. 

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My Thoughts:
If for no other reason than to see the best opening line ever, you are going to want to go and read Personal Research by Cari Quinn. Over the last week i'd anticipated this book, a twitter frenzy about 'desk smex' had built my excitement for it. I already love this author's work, she writes some of the hottest stories out there, and who can resist reading about desk smex? 

Elena seems to be a contradiction to the hot books she writes, she's not out every night getting herself some hot sex with a hunk, all of her sexual needs goes into writing steamy characters while she works at a law firm. It's there Nunzio, the IT guy reads some of her work and the chemistry ensues! 
Oh wow, the heat the author builds between Nunzio and Elena is really sizzling. Nunzio is my kind of delicious, as i wrote in my notes 'he had me at 'Bella'' the pet name he calls Elena *swoon* Half Italian half Irish he was just perfect! i loved him! The things that man says and does would make any girl blush/pant/and drop to the floor on all fours. 

How often does an author give us readers desk smex? not often enough! Cari Quinn has become an auto buy author for me, because she brings it and then some! Oh My! the desk! i'm going to be thinking of it all day. 
A delicious sexy hot read, perfect for any day ending in a Y. Now I'm eager to see what the author gives us next. 
Favourite quote:  
Just perfect. Now she had very tight nipples to go with her very wet pussy. Did her hormones have to betray her at every turn
I give Personal Research by Cari Quinn 4 Sparkles out of 5! A desk-tastic read! 
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Taryn Elliott said...

YAY!! i'm so glad you liked Nunzio's book too. lol you've got my girl pegged! she's got nothing but good books coming out of her left and right.

desk smex and more, all at your fingertips on an ereader near you. ;)



Whoa, is it hot in here or is it just me? Great review! I'm all for some "desk smex."

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I was sold at desk smex!

Mandi said...

Cari Quinn writes great sexy books!!

And desk smex is AWESOME! ;) One of my fav desk smex scenes is in Cover Me by LB Gregg....

Sparklybearsy said...

@Taryn desk smex and bosses chair smex...head went boom!!! Cari was trying to kill me, im sure of it LOL!

@ReadFreek Desk Smex galore!! and lots of other delicious morsels, def a book you wanna read!! =)

@A Buckeye Girls Reads LOL!! i was too when i heard it on twitter!

@Mandi (ive still to read Cover me, but i will!)Nunzio's desk smex, Zomg! my eyeballs were sweating haha!

thanks all for stopping by =)

jaymzangel said...

YUM, desk smex!! I love Cari's books & have just bought this one as I type (it's downloading now =D) can't wait to read it!

Lisa said...

Cari Quinn writes some uber-hot smut! Love her!!!

Sarah said...

Fab review hun, I can't wait to read this one! Desk smex yay!!! :o)

Cari Quinn said...

Thank you so much for your incredible review! I really appreciate it, as well as all the nice comments. :)

Pixiedust said...

haha! I love that quote. I haven't read Cari, but this review's got me thinkin about it...desk smex...definitely hot.

Sparklybearsy said...

@jaymzangel welcome to the Nunzio and Desk smex fan club!!!!!

@Lisa she really does!each book is hotter and smexier than the last. love her!

@Sarah hun you're going to flip out over this one. rawr!!!!

@Cari squeak! author comment! Nunzio...desk/chair smex and now you visit my blog, you really spoil me Cari! heh!

@pixiedust she has awesome books!

thanks all for stopping by!

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