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Black Opal Series - Double Review

Frankie Black is a woman in need of a mission- a Black Opal, a warrior woman whose sole purpose in life is to time shift either backward or forward in order to, well, save the world. For someone who is used to working with little or no time to spare, the last six months have been a lazy blur. But that's no longer the case. She has been summoned home rather abruptly, and charged with a mission to save the life of Dekkar James, an infamous rock god living three hundred years into the past. There are forces working against her. The New Order, her family's archenemies, would love nothing more than to wipe out the Black Opals. They're operatives who manipulate time with no regard for consequence. What she doesn't know is that they've found a way to seek out the predestined mates of all the Black Opals, and unless she can save Dekkar's life, her future will be the first casualty in a battle that could destroy humankind forever. 
**Summary taken from Goodreads** 

My thoughts: 
The synopsis explains the book well, so i will jump right into what i thought of Black Legacy by Juliana  Stone. In a word, i was hooked! Right from the first page until the very last. It is rare for a novella to catch my attention so deeply and engross me in the lives of two characters as i was with Frankie and Dekkar. 
Frankie doesn't know when she meets the described 'rock God' Dekkar that he is her destined mate, all she knows is she's protecting him from her enemies The New Order (I love that name for the baddies) and when she lays eyes on him she's in instant lust. You can't blame her, i was lost when he was described as having blue black hair and "His incredible torso was covered in an elaborate array of colorful tattoos that snaked up, caressing the hard abs" oh yeah! i could understand  Frankie's reaction to him too! She is such a cool character to read, tough as nails, a warrior protecting all of the galaxies and the girl likes sex! When we first see her she is getting major tongue action of the south variety, so you can guarantee the smexy time with Frankie and Dekkar is SMOKIN'! Juliana Stone brought it! 
Favourite Quote:

Frankie had never in her life experienced such a kiss. It was both passionate and brutal in its intensity. She knew she was lost. There would never again be such a first kiss.   Not ever. 
This is an awesome beginning to a great Novella Series. Hot, erotic, fast paced, adventurous, with one of the sexiest men i've ever read! You're going to want to pick this book up and devour it as i did. 
i give Black Legacy by Juliana Stone 4.5 Sparkles out of 5!  


She will protect him at all costs, even if it means her life. Undercover, deep in the heart of enemy territory, Lily Black has been charged with a mission: guard the life of Kerr Strome. Like her warrior sisters, the Black Opals, Lily is a time traveller who shifts wherever she’s needed. She’ll do whatever it takes to foil an assassination attempt on Kerr by The New Order. There’s only one way to fly under his radar: pose as a man. Kerr Strome is a warrior with his back to the wall. His planet is in chaos, his life threatened at every turn. The safe evacuation of his people from their war-ravaged planet depends entirely on his team of elite soldiers—and their ability to lie low for the next few days. The holding pattern might make him crazy, except for the intriguing new team member. A small soldier with big-time fighting skills, and something extra Kerr can’t quite figure out. When Lily intercepts a New Order assassin—and a bullet meant for Kerr—her cover isn’t all that’s blown. Their pent-up desire reveals a bitter truth. The reason Kerr is marked for death? He is Lily’s destined mate. And the only way to save his life is to give her own.

**Summary taken from Goodreads**

My thoughts:
Black Destiny is Book two in the Black Opal Series and it packs a delicious punch just as Black Legacy did. For a novella it contains lots of action, and enough character descriptions and dialogue to feel you know Lily and Kerr. 
Pretending to be a male soldier, Lily is fighting side by side with the delicious Kerr, trying to make sure he gets off planet to save him, by whatever means necessary. I felt duped with Lily pretending to be a guy, i wanted more hot smex that i'd come to expect from this series, Kerr wasn't going to get hip bummage with 'him' (i had a moment of 'Ohhh maybe he will! manlove! squee! hah!) but phew, her pretense didn't last long. There is lots of angst and growls and scowls when Kerr thinks Lily has betrayed him, i loved that section, will they, wont they, will he go back for her, will she catch up with him. Oh i loved it! And yes, i can tell you Juliana didn't disappoint in the romance parts at all. This author gives me exactly what i love to read about! 
So far, we've met Frankie and Lily in the Black family, i look forward to meeting the other sisters, these girls kick ass and look gorgeous doing it! 
Again i tell you, if you're looking for something short but gives you a wonderful adventurous sexy romance you can't go wrong with these books, i am now ravenously awaiting book three in the series. 
Favourite Quote: 
Lily cracked her neck and prepared to fight. Looks like her shit day had just taken a header directly into the toilet.

Last Bear thoughts: 
~I wonder where i'm going to fit Kerr and Dekkar in my book boyfriend harem. 
~How soon can i bug Juliana Stone on when  book three is released? I'm thinking a few hours, that seems a good number heh! 
~Seriously! where in my harem can i put my new menz?! 

I give Black Destiny by Juliana Stone 4.5 Sparkles out of 5! 
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Glory said...

Hiya!!! it's so long time that i didnt pass here!!! (really,because of summer holiday!)
and what a review! i missed your blog ;)

Jenni Benni said...

Ooooh fantasitc review babes!! you've sold me, cant wait to read these two. I already loved the jaguar series from this author :D

Smith said...

Since you rated them highly, i will give them a read. They sound Intersting ;)

Sarah said...

I've been rubbish at keeping up with reviews so only just spotted this one. I loved Black Legacy but still haven't got around to buying Black Destiny *Gasps* How have I not brought that one yet????? I'm a very bad girl LOL. You've convinced me I need to get hold of a copy asap although I already knew I'd love it :o)

Sparklybearsy said...

@Sarah Omgosh sarah yes you need it like now!! i am in love with this series. LOVE IT! cant wait for the next instalemnt.

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