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When Bear Met Minx

Hi Peeps!
I hope you'll help me welcome to Bears Talk Corner a fellow Blogger and Gutter Girl and all around lovely friend of mine. Jules! Also known as Minxy! She was kind enough to stop by and chat to me about all things books.
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Now to the interview! 

Loose Knickers and Window Lickers

Hi Minxy, thank you for stopping by Sparkly's to talk to me today. Did umm...any tower boys come with you? *glances around Minx* 
I think I have a couple in my hand bag, I mean carrying my hand bag! No doubt they are visiting the harem.

I want to know about Minxy in 5 words. GO!
Cute, fluffy, cuddly, firm, intelligent

**Minx in training**
Which book started off your love affair with reading and do you have a preferred genre? 
I don't think it was ever just one book, I have read for as long as I can remember, I even unwittingly taught my brother to read. When I was a teeny tott, every week we would go to Woolies (Woolworths.... I miss Woolies) and we could have a treat, he always got a matchbox car and I got a ladybird book. SO I guess you could say Lady Bird fairy tales got me started. But I will say one thing (as I have kept mine) if you compare the old ones with the modern ones the standard of grammar and the stories itself have changed. The modern ones are much simpler!! I started on the basic lady bird and then progressed onto the read your own ones, and me reading the story to my little brother was how he learned to read! As for prefered genre, I have alwayd read a lot of fantasy and romance and in the  current literary climate they have linked up. But I have really eclectic tastes from Shakespeare (fave plays Macbeth and Midsummers Nights Dream) to Austin, to the Dragonlance books I loved as a teenager, to Mills and Boon (summer holidays at the caravan) to the Godfather (one of my favourite all time books). If it is there I will read it

As a fellow Gutter Girl, i know you like to smut it up too, what is your favourite kind of erotica? 
Ooooo, I like many things, a little bondage, menage a toi, historical, rubenesque. But I do like a simple man meets woman, erotica tinged with a little romance... what can I say!

Do you have 'auto buy authors' if so who and what books from them are you looking forward to next? 
Auto buys are Terry Pratchett (shocked you with that one... I am a fantasy girl!) Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Lynsay Sands, Katie MacAlister, KM Moning and Jeaniene Frost. The biggest books I am looking forward to next are Shadowfever and possibly No Mercy by SK. I have always loved Dev... *winks*

You have blogs! tell us about them, what reviews or posts do you have coming up, do you have memes we should be looking out for, what Minxy things are in store for the future?  
Yes, I have Loose Knickers and Window Lickers, my main blog where I review books, the books I have lined up are Lover Mine and Skin Game... I am playing catch up! The Gutter Girls is my smutty little playground and I am hoping to write some more for Smut Sunday and get Fight Nights up and going again, I stopped because I was running out of ideas, but I think the next one will either be a gladitorial battle or bucking broncos over a vat of choclate mousse and marshmallows. The gladiatorial battle is winning at the moment! 
Finally I have a new blog, Minxy's New Butt! This is my weightloss blog, I am doing weightwatchers and trying to lose the 40lbs I put on, and then a bit more!

If you could only read ONE Genre what would it be?  
Fantasy! (that way all my stories with any kind of monster or paranormal will fit under that umbrella)

You and i met one sparkly day back in 2006 on the dark hunter message board, if i remember right it included a wand, peltier bear pheromones and a bouncy castle LOL! fun times! Was it the Dark Hunters that began your love of all things fangy ? 
Yes if I remember rightly there was a wand with very bad GPS and a bottle of bear pheremones and a hosepipe! Dark Hunters wasn't my first vamp novel, that would have been Dracula, but it was probably my first of this current urban romance/paranormal, so yes it went on from there!

I've seen peeks into your tower of book boyfriends, do you have one special favourite?
Ummm I have always had a thing for Barrons and Vane, I refuse to choose between them!

How does your TBR pile look? 
Like a a mountain! I have so much catching up to do, I may have to stop buying so I can catch up!

This section i like to call DARK HUNTER MANIA! 
**original cover**

Do you remember your first dark hunter? 
Yes it was Kyrian, only his book, Julian's book and Talon's bok was out, I think it was 2003, possibly 2002... but my copy was the original blue one! I still have it! 

Is there a bad boy in the DH world you want to Minxy tame ? 
If I can't have Vane because he is already tamed.... I would go for either Dev Peltier or Sundance!!!

Which DH heroine is your favourite?

And the opposite, which DH heroine do you want to repeatedly hit with one of Zarek's god bolts ? 
Possibly Sunshine, but I like them all really, oh perhaps Fury's woman for leading him a dance!!

Acheron or Vane..choose only one! 
Easy VANE!!!

I can't have a Dark Hunter section and not ask which has been your favourite so far? 
Night Play, I actually had to buy a second copy, mine was about to fall apart

Is there a Dark/Were/Dream Hunter who has yet to have his/her story that you're looking forward to? 
No Mercy, I was sad it was postponed, and I think I heard a rumour that Sundance was going to get a book, so yeah perhaps his too.

What book series are you pimping and why ? 
New series- Anya Bast's Enchantment series, Wicked Encntment is out, Cruel Enchantment coming soon
Estabished series- Katie MacAlister's Aisling Grey, mmmmmm Drake! Go get them from the library!! I insist! 

What three things do you look for to make a book awesome? 
Characters I actually care about since I am investing a lot of time in reading it, an interesting plot, a twist!

Top three book boyfriends...and GO!
Vane Katalakis
Jericho Barrons
Drake Vireo

We've all read your Gutterlicious short stories over on the Gutter Girls blog, are you writing anything right now, any new short stories or new characters you want to intro to us coming up soon? 
Yes I am working on something to do with the fae, but also my Valkyrie story, I need to be more dedicated and promise myself time to write if I am going to do anything serious with it. nothing ventured nothing gained!

What is Minxy reading right now ? 
I just finished The Demon is an Angel by Lissa Matthews, and I am reading 'The Unseen Academicals' by Terry Pratchett

You have an ereader, does it have a name like  know so many bloggers name theres? 
Yes, mine is a sony and has a cute pink cover! I call him Binky, after Death's Horse (Terry Pratchett)

What will you be reading a week from now ? 
Toss up between, Lover Mine, Skin Game and Colters' Lady.

Is there a new book/author/series that has you excited right now ? 
I am really liking Candace Havens, the Demon King and I and the Bronwyn the Witch books. Also loving Anya Bast, her wicked Encantment was one of the best books I have read this year.

**Gutterlicious Minxy**
Can you tell me about a typical day in the life of Minxy Moo...leave nothing out, that includes shower  times the tower boys may have ;)  
A typical day would be getting up at six, shower, dress, eat, leave for work at 7, get to work 7-30 and prepare for the day, briefing, then 6 lessons starting at 8-30am. Teach English to teenagers, finish teaching at 3, then meetings, marking and prep, get home about 5. Wii fit, weightwatchers, reading, finding time to watch my shows (usually when doing free step on the wii!) meet friends, at least once a week for meal out or cinema. Umm that is about it. Oh and a bath on a night, bath and a book and a glass of wine. Then I let the tower boys out! Ok I sound boring.... 

You can recommend 5 books from any genre you read...aaaand GO! 
The Godfather
Pride Prejudie and Zombies
Night Play
Shadow Fever
Wicked Enchantment

Minxy Moo, this has been fun, thank you so much for stopping by Sparkly's to talk with me...Ummm and if you want, you can leave a tower boy or four behind, i wouldn't mind a bit ;)
OK I will swap you Mr Tuesday for your Mr Thursday, he looks girthy! =D
DEAL! I loves Mr Tuesday, he's naughty! 

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Minx said...

Awww thanks for having me here Bear! It was so much fun!

Lisa said...

Great interview! Love learning new stuff about my Twitter friends :)

Jessica said...

Minx, could we know your url for the Minxy's New Butt, I would love to follow it.

Minx said...

Hi Lisa! *waves*

Hi Jessica, you can find my new butt HERE

SusiSunshine said...

Hey ladies!
Wonderful interview. And isn't it wonderful how any great ppl you can meet online? Love it. And still haven't read any SK. *hides in shame* At least I already bought a book. LOL

Cecile said...

Awwww what a great interview ladies! I am so glad that we got a peek into Minx's little world!! This is sooo awesome!!!!!
I soo love you two!! Hugs to both of you!

Eithne said...

I've known ya what 2 years and I learned all sorts of stuff! :D

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks all for stopping by! Minxy Moo was fun to interview =)

Susi!!!! YOU MUST read some SK, she's only made of AWESOME!!

Twimom227 said...

Two of my most favoritist gals here together! YEA!! You both are so great... Minxy, I am a TP fan, myself and read all of the disc world series back about 10 years ago. But I fell from reading and now that I'm pretty much only a romance gal, I haven't read him in a while. His humor is sublime! One of my all time favorite books is Good Omens!

Dark Hunter... *sigh* I have to say I'm an Ash kind of gal, but I also have a thing for Wren and Fang!

jaymzangel said...

a lovely minxy interview, bearsy. I love the pic of little minx, she's so adorable! it's so neat how all of these people met because of Sherrilyn's books. we <3 the DHs!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Twimom you haz good dark hunter taste gurl!!!

@jay we heart them like crazed stalker bitches *swoon*

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