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For the Love of Molly - Review

Mollie McGree is on a mission to seduce her best friend, the sexy masseuse Juan-Carlos. But she wants to lose a few extra pounds first. She joins a gym run by self-made millionaire and personal trainer, Conner Bean. Conner thinks Mollie doesn't need to lose any weight, and is perfect just the way she is. He plans to seduce the curvy Mollie by giving her his own special training sessions in passion and desire. Soon Mollie is enjoying a no-holds-barred love affair with the vibrant and skilled Conner. But self-esteem issues on her part, as well as her unresolved feelings for Juan-Carlos, cause her to second guess Conner's motives. Conner will stop at nothing until he claims Mollie's heart for his own

**Summary taken from Author website** 
Disclaimer: Provided by author for an honest review. 

Molly is a character every woman will be able to relate to when they read For the Love of Molly by KT Grant. She has worries over her body, just like most women. Wanting to get fit and attract her crush JC Mollie takes to the gym and it's there she meets Conner who unbeknown to her has secretly crushed her from afar for a while. Cue love triangle! I do love the girl likes boy, boy likes other girl, new boy likes girl but girl doesn't like him back right away stories. 

I really liked Conner, you can't help swoon over this physically delicious guy who is surrounded by barbie wannabe women all day long at his gym and it is the curvy voluptuous woman with no self confidence in her own body that he lusts for. A man who can see the entire woman and not just her packaging is swoon worthy in my eyes!  

Things heat up pretty quickly between Molly and Conner and when they do you're going to need a bucket of ice afterwards because KT Grant BRINGS IT! It's not to be missed. 

This is a sweet contemporary romance story with enough heat and smex to satisfy the hungriest of readers. 
I give For the Love of Molly 3 Sparkles out of 5 - Coconut Oil Yumminess! 
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Great review! I love when the female character is a healthy looking woman for once! Definitely adding it to my TBR!

lonewolf said...

Great review! I saw someone else read it but they didn't talk about it like that. Now I have to read it. New follower :)

Cecile said...

Great review hon... Coconut yumminess!!!!!!!!! LMBO You kill me! Love ya honey! Hope you have a great Monday!

Sparklybearsy said...

@ReadFreek I do too! it makes a refreshing change to see a normal woman take the lead role.

@Lonewolf thanks for being a follower hun! hope you like the book when you read it, you'll love Conner ;)

@Cecile thank you sweets! LOL well if you've read it you'll know the coconut oil part.. omgosh!! haha!

have a wonderful week hun, HUGS!!

thanks all for stopping by =)

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