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Red Hot Fury - Review

Hell hath nothing worse than a Fury scorned... As a Fury, Marissa Holloway belongs to an Arcane race that has avenged wrongdoing since time immemorial. As Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator for the past five years, she’s doing what she was born to: solving supernatural crimes. It’s far from business as usual when the body of one of Riss’s sister Furies washes up in Boston harbor. Riss discovers that the corpse’s identity has been magically altered, but as soon as she reports her findings, she’s immediately—and inexplicably—suspended from the her job. Then a human assassin makes an attempt on her life, and Riss starts to realize that someone may be trying to stir up strife between mortals and Arcanes. When a Fury gets mad, she gets even, and Riss is determined to untangle this case. Without the support of the mortal PD, Riss turns to the one man she can trust to watch her back—shapeshifting Warhound Scott Murphy. But since Scott is also Riss’s ex, she’ll have to keep a tight leash on more than just the supernatural rage that feeds her power as they try to solve a murder—and stop a war… 
**Summary taken from Goodreads**
Red Hot Fury
is the debut Urban Fantasy Novel from Kasey Mackenzie. it explodes the paranormal world apart and there's not a vampire in sight! I can't say better than the summary up there so i will jump right in with my thoughts on the book. (Don't you just LOVE the cover? it's so fierce!)  

There is a lot going on in Red Hot Fury, it jumps right into the story straight away, always a good sign when an author doesn't drag it out for longer than necessary. Riss being a Fury and an Arcane investigator is pretty much as you'd expect a heroine to be, kickass, a little overly confident and sure of herself, bit cocky, bit sarcastic but Riss also has a heart, she cares a lot, about the people in her lie, about her ex boyfriend, about her case and job and she's beyond determined not to let any obstacles get in her way of solving the cloning/missing people crime, she has her vulnerable moments of which she doubts herself, i liked that aspect, that the author humanised her  
So that's some of her good points, some negatives were i found her to be lacking somewhat as a heroine, she would always just barely scrape through each battle, she seemed forever to be two steps behind everyone, i lost count of the times a chapter ended with Riss unconscious. 

I can see this will be a series with the heroine growing each book, learning from all her mistakes. I like the paranormal world the author has created, learning more about Furies, Harpies, and Warhounds, i hope in book two it's explored more. As with any first book in a new series it was overly packed of worldly knowledge, i got lost a few times, especially with the introduction of what felt like a cast of a thousand and it seemed every other chapter had a 'AHA' moment happening. 

Overall I enjoyed this read, Riss despite the few flaws that irked me i warmed to her, i wished there had been a bit more romance with Scott, i didn't feel their connection much, the sexy time was pretty hot though! 
For fans of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy this is a start to a really good series delving into a world we don't see often. Book two is Green with Envy, i can't wait to read it. 

I give Red Hot Fury by Kasey Mackenzie 3.5 Sparkles out of 5! 
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Mandi said...

I've heard similar things about getting lost and too much going on...maybe things will be smoother in book two. Nice review!

Twimom227 said...

Oh, sounds promising. Thanks for sharing the review. I look forward to your comments on the second book. I may have to add to my long wish list!

Sparklybearsy said...

Thanks girls! It was enjoyable and i think book two will be less 'packed' now the info is already out there :)

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