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Pack of Lies Review {{Blog Tour}}

When Jack is attacked by a powerful werewolf one moonlit night, his world is forever changed. Marcus is that wolf, the strong leader of his pack, who never imagined a mere mortal could ever escape him, much less ever become one of his kind. And yet, as time passes, he can't deny the handsome human is slowly beginning to change. No longer the civilized architect he used to be, Jack feels a new power coalescing inside of him. He barely even recognizes himself as he becomes more sexual, more impulsive, more wild in every way. But as the bite transforms him, it also binds he and his attacker together forever. The two share a powerful unbreakable link, no matter how forcefully they may each try to deny it. Marcus is already hiding secrets from the other wolves, and his position as Alpha is threatened. Could Jack be the new ally Marcus needs to set things right, or will their desire for one another draw them away from all they know and alter the course of their lives forever?

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Whatever you have read about werewolves, Pack of Lies by Vanessa Vaughn turns it on its head and gives you a raw gritty sensual read. I was excited when i was offered the chance to review this book, especially since it is a male male lead told in the first person with Marcus and Jack  taking a chapter each. 

Wow, i was blown away at many points of the story, Marcus is Alpha of his wolf pack, but he can't tell them he lusts for men as well as women, his leadership is on shaky ground and whilst in wolf form he attacks Jack and his friend Ivy. Instantly he has a bond with Jack, sharing vivid sexually hot dreams together, forbidden in a pack where you're expected to take a female mate Marcus struggles with wanting Jack and keeping it a secret, fearing he may have to kill him if he doesn't turn Wolf at the full moon. The only irritating aspect to Marcus i had was i wished he'd been more active in his Alpha role of the pack, i understood why he couldn't but i felt a leader leads whatever the rules of past Alpha's, if he wanted to get rough and tumble with another male he should have done it and not been afraid of the opinions of the other wolves. 

Jack coping with discovering werewolves actually exist and knowing he is becoming one, dealing with his growing power and  sexual hunger and blood thirst i found enthralling. This is no fairytale werewolf story, it's written so descriptive that it's easy to envision as both men struggle with the fall out.

At the beginning of the book when i knew Jack was straight i had wondered how suddenly he would be with a man , i suspected it would be forced and read fake, how wrong could i be. I felt empathy for him as he tried to make sense of the attraction and deep connection to the man who had attacked him so when the sexy time did finally happen it felt right and sweet holy hannah was it steamy! Two Alpha males both wanting the dominance over the other, it was rough, raw, sexy as hell claws and all! 

While it is a M/M erotic romance it does feature both men having sex with women at a few points so it pleases everyone who is a little vanilla with their erotica. 
For a different slant on paranormal wolves Pack of Lies is beautifully written, you can't go wrong in choosing this for a hot sizzling sexy summer read packed full of secrets, lust, violence, dominance and a little crazy tossed in for good measure! And it's MANLOVE! (with cuffs!!)  nOM!  
I really hope it's made into a series, i'd love to see Marcus and Jack again. 
Some quotes i swooned at: 

This handsome man was like a shell tumbling in the surf. Each time I reached for him, the tide would pull him just out of my grasp and I was left only with a disintegrating handful of water and sand. The effect was maddening. Having Jack always just beyond my hold was turning him into an obsession.  - marcus

We were sharing thoughts, dark sensual flashes, just as surely as we had shared that dream. This man belonged to me, and I to him. I wanted him more than anything I’d ever wanted in the world ---Jack

I wanted to give in to my animal side. I wanted sex, and I wanted it rough. I wanted to fight and force one of us to assert absolute dominance. - Jack 

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Hot yummy Manlove erotic read i give Pack of Lies by Vanessa Vaughn 4 Sparkles out of 5! Howl-tastic!


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Leontine said...

Forgive me for not reading your review, I'm 2 seconds away from reading and reviewing PACK OF LIES myself but 4 out of 5...howl-tastic!! That sounds verra good hon! The quotes are delicious and I'm eager to find out about this m/m pair :)) We will talk more when I've finished this story!!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Leontine we will hun! i'll run all the way to your blog once you've reviewed it =D You're in for a steamy read!

Larissa said...

Awesome review Claire Bear! I loved this book too! Marcus and Jack are just so, Rawr! LOL

I cant wait for more =)))

I dont have any chocolate, sorry hon =/

I do have some hugs... *HUGS*

Love ya!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Larissa Omgosh arent they! forbidden love is always the sexiest, and Jack being new to manlove was even more RAWR!!

Oohhh i will take those hugs, thnx hun! *huggles*

Twimom227 said...

Seriously... I am following this book from blog to blog and I WANT now!! Thanks!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Twimom227 Hi Jen!! its a great read, nothing ive ever read before about werewolves, very engaging characters, i think you'd like it hun!

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