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Eternal Seduction - Review

After living on the streets of New York for over a decade, Logan admits her perceptions might be a little skewed. But twisted or not, there's a satisfying irony in watching a well dressed vampire stand in the middle of a ghetto alley, windblown trash scraping circles near his feet. What she finds even more intriguing, is waiting for him to decide if he's going to kill her. Kerestyan hasn't made up his mind. As the Lord of New York, he can't let a drug addict, whose memories are packed with knowledge of vampires, run free in his city. It's not the first time he's been in this situation with a human, it's just the first time he's come face to face with one who doesn't seem to care. And that's what makes the decision so difficult. What horrors could you witness before you went numb? How long would it take before you felt that way? What could make you care again? Logan's answers are simple: the worst humanity has to offer, almost thirty, and something she never expected.
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I don't think any other author has surprised me so much with a heroine, as Jennifer Turner did with Logan in Eternal Seduction. In the first moments of the book you see her living on the streets, mugging a lady for money, she's dirty, she eats from the trash and buys heroine to feed her addiction. I was blown away and wondered how the heck this woman was going to drive the book as its heroine.  
But i was further surprised when Logan became a heroine i loved reading about. She progressed in the sense she cleaned up, and lead the story so good and i can happily say she didn't irritate me once, a fete only a handful of heroines have achieved so far. A gritty story giving you a new view on vampires you will unquestionably be hooked into right from the first page, heavily character driven, in Eternal Seduction Logan has discovered vampires exist, she's jaded and cold and doesn't much care if they exist, but Vampire Lord Kerestyan can't let a human run around with knowledge of his race so he either has to kill her or turn her into a servio (vampire servant)

And now to Kerestyan, he IS everything you want in a hero, he never denies his feelings, he cares and he says it, he's loyal and fair to his city and family. He's as intrigued by Logan as much as the reader is, he sees past her cold exterior to what she can be, he doesn't pressure her, he wants her to care for him but because she decides to, not because he's put the vampire whammy on her. To say he is sexy as sin is an understatement!  RAWR!! When these two get with the sexy time it is major HAWT! Nothing crude, just wild crazy all consuming lust. 
A little quirk i found endearing about Logan is she's major on the oral hygiene. It made me giggle and aww at the same time. 
Some quotes i loved: 

“Do you strive to form an emotional connection with every cow you consume?”  
“Oh, that’s a cheap excuse. I can’t talk to a cow.” She laughed.  

“Instinct is all the beast has, Logan.” His cold fingers curled and in one swift motion, he tore her shirt in half. “Emotion…the only truth it knows.” His warming fingers pinched her tight nipples. “Rage.” He nipped then tautly rolled her earlobe between his teeth. “Passion.” He delivered a hot, shivery lick to the nape of her neck. “Lust.” He dragged the tips of his fangs across her shoulder. “But one feeling stirs the beast in a way nothing else can.” 

Along with the two main characters, you get great secondary characters in Kerestyan's family: Odin, Trinity and Vouclade. And then there is Drake. All very interesting and intriguing and i look forward to getting to know all of them better. Odin God of War is a complete hoot, a bad ass to the core he gave me many laugh out loud moments, I loved the banter Odin and Logan had between them. He's fiercely loyal to his brother and a nice twist on this ferocious vampire, he likes to sew. 
Someone else i loved from the book, Syn the wolf, so cute and funny, he's charged with guarding Logan, The vampires can communicate with him and Trinity tells Logan: 

“He says you’re in Kerestyan’s heart, so you’re in his, too.” 
Too cute! 

There's quite a bit of vampire politics to get used to, understandable for a book one in a new series but it never gets overwhelming with so much info to ingest. 
What this author gives you is a wonderful new aspect to romantic urban fantasy paranormal. A story that will draw you into the lives of the characters and make you hungry for book two right away. I rarely give 5 out of 5 to any book, even books that i've loved mostly get a 4 rating because they've lacked something, or something has irked me. With Eternal Seduction, it is just none stop page turner, a sexy engaging read and i for one cannot wait until Drake's book Eternal Heart is released. I LOVED this book. 

I give Eternal Seduction by Jennifer Turner 5 Sparkles out of 5! Fang-tastic read! 

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To read the first three chapters of book two in the Darkness Within series go HERE 


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Sparklybearsy said...


Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

Great review! I loved this book was excellent!! Logan was such a unique heroine. I can't wait for the next book to be released.

Diana @ Book of Secrets

Sparklybearsy said...

@Diana Me either!!! i was very intrigued by Drake, at one point i thought he was gonna turn out to be the baddie. This book has awesome all over it. squee!

thanks for the comment hun. have a great day =)

Anonymous said...

At first I passed this one up but then I heard more and more good thing about it so I added it o my TBR list. I noticed a lot of people are surprised that they like this book whick makes me want to read it more.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Sparklybearsy said...

@Stephanie I hope you read it hun, cause it's a wonderful book, with a very much unlikely heroine, the first few pages i was all 0_o wtf! i even had to look the book up wondering if i'd read the synopsis wrong, cause Logan doesn't fit any lead role mould. But i really like her =)

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful night.

Jen Turner said...

Thanks again for the review! :) I'm really happy you enjoyed the book. I think Logan will probably always be one of my favorite leading ladies. I'm glad you liked her!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Jen Turner Hi Jen! Omgosh, i loved it! So many great characters im intrigued about, hope to see more of them soon! Cant wait until Odin has his own book, He's my second favourite Nelek (but im fickle with the 'love who you're with at the time' so he can easily become my favourite lol )

Thanks much for stopping by! =)

Leontine said...

OOeehhhh, this sounds like a UF not to be missed. I already really like Logan, I mean, he tears her shirt in two, makes me want to growl at him LOL

Sparklybearsy said...

@Leontine It's a MUST READ book, i seriously fell in love with it. Kerestyan Omgosh a Hero to make you drool, gimme! lol.

Jenny said...

Ohhhh I haven't heard of this one! Now I'm all excited, and its the start to a series and I love me some sexy heroes in a series! Going to add it to Goodreads now...

Sparklybearsy said...

@jenny YAY!! it's sooo good, you wont regret it! Kerestyan is so RAWR and more!

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