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Author Lisa Sanchez Interview

If you read my review of Eve of Samhain yesterday (you SO should, it's awesome. The book, not my review. review too ;) ) Then you know i LOVED it so im so happy to welcome Author Lisa Sanchez to Bears' talk corner today to chat with me. 

Hi Lisa, thank you much for stopping by Sparkly's, It's great to have you.. 
Can tell us a little about you, and how you began writing, where you write, how your characters come to you etc? 
You bet!  Okay, so believe it or not, I’m pretty shy.  Yep (nods head)…put me in a room full of strangers and my palms sweat, I clam up, and I immediately go to work devising a quick getaway. Not good.  

I think this is why I love writing so much. Along with allowing me to foster my creative flair, it allows me to be an extrovert of sorts. I’m a quiet girl, but my characters are anything but!

I wrote creatively all throughout my childhood and up into my early twenties. When my girls came along, I put my writing on hold to focus on my family (They’re only young once!) Now that they’re older, though, I’m happy to be able to dive back in and do what I love, and that’s share my characters with all of you!

I do most of my writing in my ugly, brown easy- chair with my Chihuahua sprawled across my feet. And my characters?  Well… I’m inspired by the people surrounding me.  I have three daughters, an awesome hubby and great friends. I pull from what I know.

Your debut book was released in May, called Eve of Samhain; can you tell us a bit about it?
Sure thing!  Eve Of Samhain is a humorous paranormal romance with a snarky female lead and a devastatingly handsome hero who you’ll want to both slap and lick at the same time.  
The story is based on the Irish legend of The Gancanagh (a love faerie with an addictive touch.) I love paranormal and though I love vampires, I knew I wanted to write something different. Our hero, Quinn, is saddled with a deadly curse that renders him unable to touch the woman he loves.  EOS is the story of how he and Ryann overcome that huge obstacle.

What came to you first, characters or story? And did you have to research the Celtic mythology? 
I did a ton of research! The idea for EOS came from a short story contest I entered.  The writing prompt was something like “Girls, Ghouls and Gorgeous Guys.”  I knew I wanted something different, so I hopped on Wikipedia and did a search for mythological creatures.  I was immediately drawn to the legend of The Gancanagh, and Quinn was born.  

I thought Ryann was a wonderful heroine, not at all typical of the usual kickass bimbo types. Her dialogue had me LOL'ing many times, can you tell us something about her and where she came from, and was she easy to write for? 
Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed her! I’ve got three daughters, all who participate in All-star cheerleading.  I’m surrounded by snarky teenagers, and I’m a huge fan of slang.  Ryann’s character is VERY loosely based on my daughter Kendall.  The sass and attitude you see throughout the book? Yeah, that’s all my baby. The kissing and the sexy times?  Nope!  My girl won’t be dating until she’s thirty.  Sorry boys!

Ryann loved shoes and handbags (she's already my BFF!) were you writing that from personal experience? 
Okay, I’m totally laughing.  Yes! I’m a total bag whore. My husband bought me my first Coach purse a few years ago and boy-oh-boy did that ever start an addiction. Ryann’s bags and shoes are all me.

I'm happy to say Quinn is firmly in my harem of book boyfriends now, I loved him right away, as I say in my review 'he had me at a ghra' what can you tell us about him *cough something smexi cough* and did you have any inspiration for him? (I kept seeing Colin Farrel cause he's yum and Irish =P
I’ve written three books now, along with a few short stories, and I have to say that while I love ALL my characters, Quinn holds a very special place in my heart.

Accents and attitude have always turned me on. I’m sure this will make me sound crazy, but I heard Quinn’s sexy accent in my head from the very beginning. And as far as attitude goes, boyfriend has it in spades. I didn’t model him after anyone in particular, I just saw him clear as day in my mind.  I will say, though, that if I had to pick an actor to portray him, I’d totally go with Kellan Lutz.  He’s almost dead on with the Quinn I picture in my head. 
Big, muscular and beautiful.  Swoon!

And as far as something sexy, well…Quinn might have acquired another tattoo 
Edit: Sweet Gods YES!! i love Kellan Lutz as Quinn, fits him perfectly! and Tattoo you say? NOM!!  

Will there be a sequel to 'Eve of Samhain’? Characters this awesome are too good for just a once only deal...right..? 
Heh, heh…Yes!  I’ve already written the sequel to EOS.  Martha’s story will take you on a wild ride for sure!
Edit: *Pumps Fist* YES YES WOO HOO!!! 

Along with Ryann and Quinn, I loved the secondary characters of Jessica and Martha Stewart, one friend who can't even use curse words she's so straight-laced and the other a gothic witch and yet the friends fit well together, will we see them again? 
(Can you tell im hoping hoping hoping for more from them all =P ) 
You bet!  My goal is to write a story for each of the four friends. You’ve met three of the friends in EOS.  The fourth and final protagonist is introduced in book two.  Now, I just need to find more hours in the day and learn how to survive on little to no sleep so I can get all this writing done!

 When you have time to relax, which books and authors do you like to devour? 
I’m a HUGE J.R. Ward fan.  Butch is my boy! Along with J.R. and her wonderful Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I love Karen Marie Moning, Larissa Ione, Gena Showalter, and Diana Gabaldon.  I’ve recently come across some new to me authors who are on the rise, J.A. Saare and Cari Quinn.  Both are amazing and sport wonderful voices.

What do you like/dislike in a Heroine? 
I’m not a huge fan of damsels in distress.  

Would you like to write in any other romance Genre besides paranormal? 
Yes! I’m actually polishing a romantic suspense right now.  The hero is raw, wounded and gritty and I think I’m in love.

Can you tell us what you're working on now? (And there's a chocolate bar with your name on it if you say something regarding Quinn and the gang =D )  
Better get yourself to a store and pick me up a fat bar of chocolate because I’m plotting Jessica’s story right now. Woohoo!  I can’t give you any deets because it would reveal too much. I will, however, say this: Our girl is coming out of her shell, woohoo!

Thanks so much for stopping by Sparklys to talk with me, Lisa, it was much fun! && a bigger thank YOU for writing a wonderful, humorous, romantic book and giving me a new book boyfriend =) 
Thank you for having me! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m beyond excited you enjoyed Ryann and Quinn so much.   

You can find Lisa:
| Eve of Samhain Website | Twitter | Goodreads |


9 Speak to Me:

Elisa Dane said...

Thank you again for having me at your blog! I had so much fun answering your questions and chatting with you! Woohoo!

Sparklybearsy said...

Another author comment, i may faint! squee! lol thank you Lisa for your time and brilliant answers, you were fun to interview!

And to know there's more books on the way, made my day! cant wait =)

SusiSunshine said...

OMG LOL I so laughed about the until 30 part. And Quinn is already in Bear's harem? I so have to check that out.
Did you always plan to be a writer? And what I always find rather interesting: does the world around you know what kind of books you write?

Unknown said...

AWESOME interview...LOVED this book!!!EAK cant wait for more!

Elisa Dane said...

SusiSunshine- I've always dreamed of being published. I got married in my early twenties and started a family right away, so that dream got pushed back for a bit. Two years ago, when my youngest started kindergarten, I started writing again, but with the intent to publish. Woot!

Good questions! The world and people around me don't affect the type of books I write, but they sure affect my characters. I take snippets of conversations or I tweak certain situations that I've experienced and make them work for me. For example: My friends threw me a release party for EOS and we had a HUGE Nerf gun fight involving all the kids and parents (yeah, we're a bunch of dorks.) I had so much fun, I used a similar scene in my WIP :)

SusiSunshine said...

Ohhh the nerf gun sounds like fun. LOL Sounds like a really great community you have there and it's awesome that they inspire you. Always good to have those in your life.

Leontine said...

Oh this is a juicy interview *rubs hands in glee* quote: "a devastatingly handsome hero who you’ll want to both slap and lick at the same time."

I love to slap and lick a hero, no problem at ALL doing that :) The shallow hussy emerges and says: *thud* for the mysterious man-candy on cover. I heart the back and shiver at the sight of the tattoo...that will be the licking part for me LOL

BTW, Celtic mythology = major hot button too. I love the mystery it exudes.

Sparklybearsy said...

@Susi YES he was dragged into my harem the moment he spoke "a ghra" *swoon*

@Jenn you and me both hun!

@Leontine LOL!! Amen sistah im right there with you on the slap/lick scenario!

thanks all for stopping by =) MWAHS!

Elisa Dane said...

Leontine- When my publisher first showed me the cover I nearly swooned on site. Seriously, and I'm not just saying this because it's my cover, but the dude is HOT! I'm a visual person and a good cover often makes me want to learn more about a book.

And yeah, I'm a sucker for Celtic mythology and tatted up heroes myself. Makes my girlie bits tingle!

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