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Of Bitches,Book Boyfriends & BTs

Hi Peeps, 
Today on Bears talk corner, Angie aka Jaymzangel from A Bitch a Blog & a Bookshelf has kindly let me interview her, so sit back and lets get to know Jay and her reading habits a little better  


Sidenote: I’ve known my PIC for 3+ years and never called her Angie, so don’t  be alarmed if I call her jay…BT…cow...bitch…wench…asshat, and no im not being mean! I have mad crazy homicidal stalker girl crush love for the chick! LOL 

And so to the interview…

Hi Jay! So nice of you to drop by, I know the book boyfriends keep you super busy…did you bring any with you? *looks around* no? *pout* what about biscuits…bring me any ? 
hello my darling! Thank you for having me. The book boyfriends are around somewhere, if you’re good I’ll let them come out to play later ;) *passes giant tin of choco-covered biccies* spoiled cow =P
(see she girl crushes on me too!)

To kick off the interview, can you describe yourself in three words ? 
sarcastic, stubborn, sweet =D
(the stubbornest yes it’s a word! sweetest sarcastic asshat there is! So says the Bear

Can you remember what story started your love affair with books ? 
I’m not sure about a particular book as I have always loved books even before I learned to read. My mom says when I was little there was no such thing as one bedtime story, I would come with a stack of at least 10 books & she would have to read them all to me, LOL. Starting with the Little Golden Books, the fairy tales & Dr Seuss, I suppose. I get my love of reading from my mom and my paternal grandmother.

If you could only read one genre what would it be ? 
hmmm, that’s a toughie. I don’t like the whole genre thing, really. I just like what I like, I don’t care what genre it happens to be in. I guess I would say romance because to me that encompasses paranormal, thriller, mystery, etc etc because I think if they include romance, they should be counted in that group. Or I could just be a wiseass & say fiction *grins* 

You and I met because of the Dark Hunter Series when we generously shared Acheron as our mate…and for two greedy bitches that was a fete in itself! *grins* Was it the DH series that kick started your love of paranormal ?  
HAHA! Indeed we did and indeed it was, who knew we could share our Ashy so well? Or be such mischievous partners in crime? Ah, the things we’ve gotten up to, hehehe *MWAH!* I love this girl.(it’s true she does, she has much girl crush love for me ;)
I was a Dracula fan, a Buffy fan, and an Anne Rice fan, as well as a fan of the Goosebumps books when I was a kid so I can’t say the DH series kick started that paranormal love. They did however kick off a whole new era in my reading as far as the many new paranormal series and authors are concerned. A DH boardie first pimped the Black Dagger Brotherhood to me and from then on, I was lost. Very happily so. 
(lets take a moment to reflect on the awesome that was Buffy. Angel/Angelus how I swooned for your leather trousers! Spike with your sarcastic tongue!)  

I know you have many MANY Book Boyfriends, is there one you couldn’t do without ? 
ACK! Pick just one, impossible. I would have to say the BDB, I couldn’t do without them. And I refuse to pick just one. 
(greedy wench! Good answer *pets*

How does your TBR look ? 
like a towering beastly nightmare!! There are four HUGE piles, I think I have about 50+ books on my TBR pile. *weeps*

This section of the interview is what I like to call BDB Mania: 

Do you remember your first BDB ? 
ah Wrath *warm fuzzies* he was my first and as he is the King, that is very appropriate. The beginning of an obsession, LOL. I flew through Dark Lover and promptly went out to Books A Million at 10PM to buy Rhage & Z’s books.

Think you could tame Rhage’s beast ?  RAWR!! 
RAWR!! I would definitely give it my best shot.
(When he offers himself up to Mary, still one of THE best BDB scenes!

What BDB Shellan is your favourite and why ? 
~Xhex stole my heart in Lover Mine. She was fierce and kickass and loveable. She was the perfect mix of a strong independent heroine who was not afraid to love.
(I think Xhex is going to be the third in our releationship when we get wed ;)  I loved her too!

And the opposite, which Shellen do you wanna hit repeatedly with your car ? 
I don’t know about hit repeatedly but Marissa was too much of a doormat for me. She has improved greatly since being with Butch though. Also Cormia doesn’t do much for me.
(It’s sad that I only remember Cormia cause she was watching Dirty Dancing in a scene

The BDB boys are known for their pantie squealing, knee trembling fang bitingly awesome sex scenes unique slang, which word(s) of theirs do you like to read them saying ?   
for me, Vishous saying ‘true’ can make my toes curl even if he’s not saying anything remotely sexy. I also love the word ‘shitkickers’. I could go on and on.

Vishous, Qhuinn or John Matthew…choose only one ? 
~NEVAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  I want ‘em ALL!!!
(Greedy cow!! Dont make me ban you from seeing them…they’re my book boyfriends I so can! LOL

Now I couldn’t have a BDB section and not ask about the latest book Lover Mine and have your thoughts on it…was it everything you wanted J R Ward to give us? Was there anything missing? Are you disappointed about anything in the book ? What parts made you cry/laugh/get angry at the most
well, as per my gushingly swoony review, I adored it. It was more than I ever could have hoped or dreamed for. The only thing missing was me being in the book & getting my HEA with all the Brothers, HEE! The ghost thing was a bit weak but the rest of the book totally made up for it. I cried a lot during the book. Happy tears and sad. The Qhuay parts were heartbreakers and there were quite a few from John Matthew and Xhex as well. But the happy tears came in where JM and Xhex were concerned once they finally came together for good. Lord, I could start sniffling again just thinking about it. 

Some quick fire questions…hold on to your panties! 

Vamp OR Demon  ~ Vamp
Twitter OR Facebook  ~  Twitter! 1000%
Bones OR Barrons  ~ ack! Both!
Chocolate or Taters ~ BOTH
Menz OR More Menz  ~ more menz
Piercings OR Tats    ~ mmmm both!

We’ve seen a few of your short stories over at The Gutter Girls blog, where do the ideas for your characters come from?  And what can we look forward to in the future? *has thrashing stick at the ready for refusal* ‘Cause you know…I kinda maybe love Rafe…so you know I need NEED more of him! Would you deny a Bear? 
the ideas just sort of pop into my head, especially if I’ve been reading something durty sometimes *blushes*  I have no idea what will come in the future. I have to get the urge to write and as you are a much better writer than me, I am content to let you do it. *braces for beating* like I could deny you, I’m sure you will browbeat me into writing more, so I wouldn’t be too worried if I were you =P
(good girl! *taps foots* im waiting!…gimme Rafe already!

What book series are you pimping right now and why ? 
as ever and always, I’m pimping the BDB. As well as: the Fever series, Cat & Bones, Demonica, Nalini Singh’s Angels

You recently starting blogging, what kind of blogger are you? What topics blow your skirt up to blog about and anything cooking in your brain right now to blog ? 
*snicker* a very lazy one as you well know. So far my blogging has mainly been about books but it just depends what floats my boat. I imagine I may do some True Blood blogs at some point. Might have to do a Fever series blog full of moaning over the now even longer wait for Shadowfever *wails* 

Top 4 book boyfriends off the top of your head…and GO!
geez! Okay, the BDB, Barrons, Bones & Eric Northman. Yes, the BDB counts as one, says I.

What are you reading right now ? 
~I've been having a bit of a reading FAIL again lately, I'm not sure why. work is quite busy so my usual sneak reading has been schwacked. I've been trying to finish Skin Tight for like 2 weeks now. it's SO good but I am just having reading problems

What will you be reading a week from now ? 
~hopefully something off my ginormous TBR pile. If only I could stop adding to the damn thing =P

Is there a new book/author/series you’re excited about ?  
~I’d say the one I am most anxious for is Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning as it is the last of the Fever series. Don’t you dare gag or I’ll whack you, bt. You’d like them if you read the rest of them. *SWAT*
(Sidenote: since this interview was conducted I’ve now bought and read the 2nd and 3rd Barrons and thank the lord I loved them cause she beats terribly hard! 

Can you take us through a typical day in the life of Jay? Don’t leave any of the deets out…that means the frolickings with book boyfriends too! 
pretty boring, really. If it’s a weekday, I’m at the evil work *hiss* I do my best to sneak read during the day. I either go to the gym after work if I am feeling motivated, which usually I’m not or I come home, make dinner, make sure my shows are set to record and play online with my PIC, read & go to bed. If it’s the weekend, I’m usually out & about. With summer arriving now, I will be spending a lot of time out by my pool.  Hehehe, as for the frolickings with the book BFs, those are for my eyes only ;D

You can recommend 5 books from any genres you read…aaaand GO!  
Lover Mine-JR Ward, Dreamfever-Karen Marie Moning, One Foot in the Grave-Jeanine Frost, Mr. Perfect-Linda Howard, Night Play-Sherrilyn Kenyon
(MMMMM Vane from Night Play. He can dressing room me any day of the week!

This has been fun Jaylicious!…your book boyfriends You're welcome back anytime to Bears talk corner *grin* 
thanks for having me, bt! Since we share the book boyfriends, I suppose we will all be meeting up again very soon, say around 9:30 *cough* =D  *SMOOCH* Xoxo 

Places you can find Jaymzangel.


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Mar said...

I looooved the interview! You gals are my fave girls in the whole universe. My fave question, 'Which Shellan do you want to hit repeatedly with your car?' LMAO!

Pixiedust said...

LOL you two are too funny! I love every time Bear crosses out words. My TBR pile is just as bad as Jay's, if not worse. haha

jaymzangel said...

@Mar awwwww, we love you too Marlicious! *SMOOCH* we shall keep you forevers, you belongs to us now, don't struggle. we shall haz you & curly cutie pie kiddos & furry lil Mattie =D

bear says you can struggle a little bit, we like it ;)

Sparklybearsy said...

@Mar Thanks Marlicious! we crazy girl hearts you too ;) as Jay said you belong to us now! and you know theres a shellan you just wanna back hander LOL!

@@Pixiedust Danke we try! gotta love those TBR piles :)

@Jay Good bitch! you know i like when they struggle a lil *cracks whip* Mwaaaah!!!

Pixiedust said...

@ Bear LOL Oh you succeed ten-fold! And seriously I used to re-read the DH series years ago right? I don't re-read shit anymore because I have so much TO read yet. lol

Smokinhotbooks said...

I spy with my little eye...a Kresely Cole book on your TBR pile. Ah-ha!

You girls made me giggle xoxoxox

Sparklybearsy said...

@Smokinhotbooks thanks hun! I spied lots of awesome books in those tbr piles, BT knows im reaching for my paddle if she doesn't read the IN DEATH ones ASAP =D

Mandi said...

BDB is considered one book boyrfriend..why didn't I think of that?!?

And step back because Barron's is mine...

Loved this :)

Sparklybearsy said...

@Mandi Thanks hun! BDB as one BB makes much sense, i hate to choose between them...

what was that you said...i can haz Barrons? YAY! i'll take him! *scarpers* =D

jaymzangel said...

@smokin you spy all the Kresley Cole books you rec'd to me, evol book pimp that you are ;) I'm looking forward to starting them

@mandi well of course! that way I get to have them all. as for Barrons, I fear we are all gonna have to throw down for his gorgeous ass.

@bear *salutes* yes madam, right away madam! Rourke is my new luvah *cackles* I'm taking him with me now to....discuss something. ummmm yeah *drags Rourke off*

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