Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Download DANTE Release Party!

I was lucky enough to read an ARC of 'You Burn Me' by Stella and Audra Price not so long ago, you can read my review of it HERE or see my author interview with Stella HERE

and today is it's release day! If you haven't read the Sisters Price yet this is a nice sweet story to start with, with magic tossed in to give it that twist and a sexy snarky growly fire demon!

Check out the Contest Stella Price is running - 

The Download Dante Party!

Released Today! 

You Burn Me: A Tale of the Eververse

A priestess of The Morrigan, Xxieda Rolla is a woman who has known success in her business, fulfillment in her family life and is only missing one thing: the love of the man that would have her for always. Sent to Shadow Heights New York by her goddess to find him, she meets the ever tasty, ever surly Dante Barratt. Sparks fly, and so does Amaretto Latte.
Dante, a dealer of rare and illegal commodities, and a very tempestuous fire demon might want the woman who's brown eyes haunt him, but knows better then to get involved with someone who just screams purity. Shes hot, and successful in ways he never could be,  and knows a man that just gave away his soul like he did didn't deserve a woman like that.
After a chance encounter on a dark street corner, and an earth shattering kiss, Both are powerless to deny the chemistry between them... until Xxieda tells him her secret: shes a virgin.
Caught between his head and his heart, can Dante accept the fact that Fate sometimes gives us exactly what we really need, not what we think we want?

Authors Note: 

This is a novella and answer to the question several readers have had of "What happened to Dante?" after his little cameo in 'Sugar and Sin'
And guess what? the book is Amazingly priced at 99 cents! that's right, a full 45k novella for only 99 cents! You know you wanna read about Dante and the woman that turns his world upside down, and now you can, for CHEAP!

And how would YOU like to win 3 Ebooks from our backlist, YOUR CHOICE? Its simple! You have three chances to win:

1. Send your snail mail address to: with "Dante's contest" in the subject

2. Follow our Blog HERE And let us know you have

3. Buy 'You Burn Me' and answer the question: "Who do we thank first and foremost in the dedication? Send your answer to with "Dante's book answer" in the subject.

Winner will receive 3 books from our backlist in e book form.  


Happy Release day to the snarky sexy fire demon Dante! 


14 Speak to Me:

Stella Price said...

Well damn! You know how much i loves you Bearsy! thank you for setting this up and helping Dante's book be a HUGE success! You know he lurves you LOL.

Hope everyone enjoys the bastard LOL!

pattepoilue said...

Ohh YAY Happy Dante Release lol
I can't wait to meet this demon!
Have a great day

Sparklybearsy said...

@Stella AHAHAHAH Dante loves me long time ;) And X likes me too, she gave me "those" pics of Dante LOL! you're welcome hun, it's been fun! I hope everyone loves Dante too, it might make him less moody ;)

@Pattepoilue thanks for stopping by hun! i made cookies for everyone...but i eated em *shamed face* LOL! =)

Pixiedust said...

LOL well damn cookies woulda been a nice touch for this too!

pattepoilue said...

LMAO now I picture you like this

Bwahahaha cookies would have been great...instead you'll have to give us smexy naked men lol That's your punishment!

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL! done! Here's dante almost nekkid!

pattepoilue said...

OMG lol I love this actor!Nom nom nom Rome nom nom nom
Lol Almost Nekkid Dante Nom nom nom *g*

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL you make me laugh, girl!!!!! is it bad ive never seen Rome? i hear its good n smexi though! But that James guy makes a smexen Dante =D

pattepoilue said...

lol I loved that show BECAUSE of all the smexy guys in there! And it's literally an orgy in there lol. Wow if Dante looks like him I WANT!!! lol ok sorry i'm chain up the fangirl back inside. ;)

Sparklybearsy said...

Awww but i like your fangirl, shes naughty! LOL!

Minx said...


Sparklybearsy said...

@mINXY MOO He's nommilcious!

Amora said...

Awesome. I'm so all over this.

BTW- your blogs are just too friggin' awesome, WTF, ...who are you people...

Sorry. I'm just in awe. babyblogger here and all. *bows*

Sparklybearsy said...

@Amora Hi hun! thank you! you're sweet. im glad you like the comp stella is running, hope you like Dante, hes a hottie!

thanks for stopping by =)

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