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The Demon King And I - Guest Review!

Todays Review is brought to you by Minxy Moo over at Loose Knickers, go check out her awesome blog. Thanks for Guest blogging at my Harem Minxy! MWAH! and yes, i will be checking your pockets before you leave to check for any of my harem boys you may have picked up =) 

and onto the review! 

The Caruthers sisters are heiresses with privilege, wealth, beauty, and brains. But these party girls have something extra. As the Guardian Keys, possessors of an ancient family secret, they hold the fate of the world in their hands.Gillian, the eldest, is a sensation in the art world-- this world, that is. In her other world she's the Assassin, a knockout who snuffs out dimension-jumpers who foul up her personal space. She never expected to join forces with one. But when a plague of murderous demons plunges the earth in darkness, she has no choice but to get a little help from a being who knows his stuff.

This is Minx speaking... helloooooo book bitchland, thanks so much to the Sparklyriffic Bear for letting me invade for a little while and do a guest blog! If you don't know me I am Minx and I normally live over at Loose Knickers and Window I am also a fellow Gutter Girl... and I ramble... ooops... back to the review!

This is an absolute case of judging a book by it's cover, I saw the cover on a fellow bloggers I want to read list and thought.... oooooo that looks good.... and do you know what? It is! There I said it, I judged a book on a killer cover and discovered a killer book within the covers. I am not saying it is perfect, what I am saying is, it is a thoroughly good action pack read with characters who engage you and a romantic finish!

The Caruthers sisters are guardians, their birthright is to save us from all things which bump their way through various portals and try to bump us off. Four Guardians protecting us from the dangers in Four worlds, Fae, Sea Nymphs, Dragons and Demons. Gillian Caruthers is the eldest of the sisters and the Demon Guardian.

Not everyone in these other worlds is bad, but occasionally you do get jumpers who come through unauthorised portals to cause havoc, with an extra dose of murder and mayhem. The story begins when Gilly is summoned to the demon world as there is a new Demon King, and what a demon king... Arath is sexy, moody and powerful with a very shaded past. Not only that he believes that Gilly's father killed his mother.

This however is the least of Gilly and her sisters' problems as the portals go mad and their friends turn up murdered. Darkness is closing in, taking control in all of the worlds and they are our only defence.

A really enjoyable read, the looming darkness and 'who dun it' aspect of the book provide a great buffer for the slow burn of the romance. If you expect a erotica, don't, the attraction between Gilly and Arath is there from the start and the romance is a slow build as their attraction grows and they learn each other. There are sexy scenes in the book, but they do not run the story, on the other hand they compliment it.

Gilly is strong, physically and emotionally, her relationships with her sisters bring a smile to your heart and towards the end, her feeling for her family as a whole brought a tear as I rode the emotional roller coaster of their life with them. Arath is sexy and believable as a King. Certainly a character I want to see more of!

Candace Havens was a new author for me and I know I will be investing in more of her books. Dragons prefer Blondes is next in this series, but I also like the look of the Bronwyn the Witch series with Charmed and Dangerous!

The Demon King and I, a good read, fast paced plot with a mystery theme running alongside the romance, funny and charming with engaging characters both main and supporting. A book with hidden secrets I give it 4 frilly knickers, I mean 4 sparklies out of 5!

See Bear, sparkly knickers just for you! ( i approve of the sparkly knicks! - Bear)

Minx out. xxx

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The Queen B said...

I am loving this cover! This sounds like a really good read. Nothing gets me more excited than when a hot cover hides an equally hot book inside. It's like a tease when you have a great cover and a dud inside :P

Minx said...

Yay Bear u have made me famous! *twirls*

It was a good read, not an intense read that you must finish or else, but in a really nice flow and smile way. Perfect for the summer!

The Queen B said...

Awesome! I could use one of those. I've been in a bit of a reading funk lately :(

Minx said...

oh no! Well I hope this will help, and if you are wanting something completely frivolous I have reviewed Tease on my blog! =P

Anonymous said...

LOL, I do that all the time, picking up a book because of it's pretty cover. :D I love it when it ends up being a great read too! I'm glad to hear you found a great read that way. Wonderful review, it sounds like a fun read, so putting it on my summer reading list. :D Love the sparkly knickers, I LOLed so hard when I saw them. XD

Minx said...

Thanks, it is a fun read, I have ordered the next one too!

Glory said...

OOoh!! I see it, yet, but i didnt know the story. Looks interesting..

Sparklybearsy said...

This looks like a fun book! i love a great cover, while its not my entire choice when picking reads i do love something that catches my eye.

thanks for guest reviewing Minxy Moo, i kiss on your head! MWAH!

Glory said...

ahahahah! kiss on her head! yeah bear now minx use her whip on you, LOL

Sparklybearsy said...

she does all the time, Minxy is so vicious upon me =(

Minx said...

and you love it! *smoochers da Bear*

Sparklybearsy said...

I DO! ;)

Minx said...

It is true she does!

I am pleased you liked the review, I like a fun book which I don't have to think too hard about, for me this ticks the boxes.

Bearsybookins thanks for inviting me, I was gonna say having me, but it sounded roooood!


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