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Dark Beginnings - Review

Three otherworldly tales from the master of paranormal romance . . . and a brand new Lords of the Underworld bonus guide! 

The Darkest Fire  
A Lords of the Underworld prequel
Geryon is the guardian of hell, more monster than man. Kadence is the goddess of Oppression, more angel than woman. Together they will enter the flames to battle a dangerous horde of demon lords -- and discover a passion unlike any other . . .
The Darkest Prison
A Lords of the Underworld Tale
Once, Atlas, the Titan god of Strength, was the Greek goddess Nike's slave. Now, he is her master. And soon these sworn rivals destined to destroy each other will be forced to risk everything for a chance at love . . .
The Darkest Angel 
An iron-willed demon assassin, the angel Lysander has never known lust - until he meets Bianka. Spawned from the bloodline of Lucifer, the beautiful but deadly Harpy is determined to lead the purehearted Lysander into temptation

The Bonus Guide:
Twenty(ish) Questions with Kresley Cole
Classified Files: From the Private Records of Dean Stefano
Behind the Scenes: Creating the Lords of the Underworld
At home with the Lords of the Underworld
Round table: the women of the underworld speak
Frequently asked questions
Sneak peek of The Darkest Passion
The Sacred Scrolls
Glossary of Characters and Terms

**Summary taken from Author website** 

Anthologises aren't usually on the top of my to buy list, they usually leave me wanting more, so i'd rather spend my money on a full length novel. however! Dark Beginnings i bought because it was a Gena Showalter and all about my beloved Lords of the Underworld (swoon) so i HAD to get it, and i'm so glad i did. 
Dark Beginnings by Gena Showalter is PACKED to the gills with Lords tidbits, profiles and interviews, plus you get three short stories in with the mix too. All three are good reads, i liked the third one best of all with Bianka and Lysander, good and evil falling in love. I just love the Harpies, Bianka was one of my favourites. 

Although the shorts were good, it was all the bonus goodies i wanted more. Interviews with the Lords conducted by William (He intrigues me!) was SO funny, the classified files a lovely treat, i forget what characters look like, where tattoos are placed, so it's nice to have all those details in one handy book so as not to search each individual book. What made me laugh most was the Interview with Gena Showalter given by Krelsey Cole(Yes, author of Immortals!) they joked around and ribbed each other just like i do with my friends...and there was some series' teases in there too! 

All around this is a must have for all Lords fans, it's not a book to buy if you're not familiar with the series and just looking for a new read, you wont know what the heck is going on. 

This book is a delicious treat for any Lords of the Underworld fans. I give Dark Beginnings by Gena Showalter 4 Sparkles out of 5! 

PS. oookay, i've been confused because this book is also titled "Into the Dark" it was what i thought i had, until one of the stories from ITD summary seemed unfamiliar to me, checking my book i saw i had something different =P everything is the same except my book has "The Darkest Angel" story and not "The Amazon's Curse" I wonder if it's a English thing, we sometimes get different titles. Either way its a good read! =)

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Minx said...

I have to admit i have never tried this series, I know... I know.... but I have so many I already read. I often get into them through anthologies, but I am guessing I would need to know the premise and characters to make sense of this.

Ok I Minxy swear I will add these books to my read list.

Sparklybearsy said...

GASP!!! you dont know the Lords? i was sure you'd be all over them like white on rice babes! they're just your kinda boys.

i promise you'll love them!!!

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