Friday, 23 April 2010

What the Postie delivered && Team Jaguar!

Hi Peeps!
Today is a double header post, it was going to be a triple but since i haven't actually written the review yet because i've been super busy lazy arse the review will now come later in its own sparkly post!

So i ask you, have you read Juliana Stone's "His Darkest Hunger" from her Jaguar Warrior series yet? You haven't? then go go go! *points below to last post* go read my review, it's a great new series, and one i'm excited about. So in honour of my new Jaguar love i made a blog button! If you're feelin' the Jaguar love then feel free to nick the button and display it with pride. And can i just say. I Heart Jaxton forevah! Soon i will Heart Jagger

Juliana Stone's Jaguar Warrior Series



I forgot who i saw host this meme, sorry for not given kudos, if you know who, comment below so i can give credit! thnx!

The Postie has been a busy bee this month bringing me lots and lots and more lots of goodies from my new Lovah Book Depository! So without further ado let us dig into my pile of new babies! 

Richelle Mead - Complete Georgina Kincaid & Dark Swan series'

Juliana Stone - His Darkest Hunger
Charlaine Harris - Dead & Gone
Gena Showalter - Dark Beginnings
Alyson Noel - Blue Moon

Kresley Cole - Immortals after Dark series

P.C & Kristen Cast - House of Night Series

Karen Marie Moning - Fever Series 
(Since im forever lynched and beaten within an inch of my sparkly life every time i say i  didn't like "DarkFever" or if i dare say i don't see Barrons appeal *ducks* i decided to give the series another chance =P )

Nalini Singh - The Psy Changeling & Guild Hunter Series' 
( And a stack of Book Depo free bookmarks they send with each book! I love free stuffs!)

Ann Aguirre - The Corine Solomon series 
This was won in a Twitter giveaway and its SIGNED!!! woot! Thanks Much to Ann! 

Just "some" of my TBR box of goodies *gulp* 

What goodies did the postman bring you this week? let me know, im a sucker for rec's lol 


14 Speak to Me:

Marq said...

Wow! I am impressed and jealous! I'm currently reading Archangel's Blood and I am loving it. I didn't care for Darkfever that much either when I read it. I thought it was okay but I wasn't impressed. Bloodfever is where the series gets better. And it keeps getting better after that.

Sparklybearsy said...

Hi Marq! yay im so glad Archangels blood is good, i fear when i buy more than the one book in a series without knwoing it that i will hate and therefore wasted monies :P

I was told the same too about the fever series, its why im giving it another go, cus all the twitter girls cant be wrong about this Barrons is my thinking, and i hate to be left out of a book boyfriend LOL!

thanks for stopping by hun =)

Smokinhotbooks said...

::faints:: YOU DON'T LIKE BARRONS? Kidding, I'm so proud of you for getting the other Fever books.

I need for you to read the rest of Richelle Mead's Succubus books and give me the 411.

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL dont spank me! ok...fine just three spanks! =D

Im thinking the succubus books are my next next reads after all the one si have listed next to read, im hearing good things about them so im excited!

thanks for stopping by KC! i'll give a holler if i suddenly start lusting after Barrons, then i can be in the club too! =D

Sagi said...

thats alot of books! lol and ur TBR pile is huge lol - A book that I read and really liked recently is The Wish List by Gabi Stevens. I am in the middle of 5 books right now because i just can't decide what i want to read lol

Sparklybearsy said...

Yuups it is, and i didnt take a pic of all of my TBR eeks! lol

I havent read Gabi Stevens, ill look her up, i always love book recs, my debit card doesnt...but i do :D

Book of Secrets said...

I loved His Darkest Hunger!! Great button...I'm going to add it to my blog!

Sparklybearsy said...

Hi Diana!

woot, more Jaguar love =D

jaymzangel said...

omg, look at all those book! *swan dives into the book pile & rolls about* so many good selections, bt!

and you're damn right you are beaten & lynched because you will read the rest of the Fever series & you will LOVE it or I keels you! I'm not allowed to barf at any of the stuff you like, you bratty cow! *raspberry* xoxoxo

Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAH you saw what i bought huh! well i couldnt take being strangled anymore for hating upon the Fever series, and you know the BT rules jay, i am allowed to barf and hate on your things but you cannot mine, for i am shiny and sparkly and have a wiggly bum =D

*noms raspberries* yum! oxoxo

Glory said...

OOOhhh!! I envy you! So many books!

Ya will love fever series,oh hell, ya will love Barrons!!! LOL

Nalini Singh's books are awesome! ya have done a good shopping.

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks hun i hope i do too, im new to Singh's books but i hear good things about them :)

jaymzangel said...

=P you're such an ass, bt. and an unfair one at that.

Sparklybearsy said...

@jay i know ^_^ but you loves me ;)

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