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Author Stella Price & Special Guest Interview!

I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of 'You Burn me' by Stella and Audra Price recently, you can read my review HERE  and even luckier to have an interview with one half of the sister Price writing duo, So please welcome to Bears Talk Corner Stella Price!

Hi Stella, thank you for stopping by to talk with me, 

Can you tell us a little about the Sisters Price writing duo, how you began writing together, what's the best part of writing books with your sister? And who decides who writes what part of the books?

WOW just a huge question there bear LOL. Lets see… Aud and I needed something to do together and writing was something we both enjoyed so it worked out. As for who decides who writes what… truth is it just depends on what character is the one in charge.

In your opinion, what makes a book great?

Yikes. Hard question, I will have to say the way it connects with a reader, and Im not saying editor… there are TONS of books out there that as a reader I don’t click with, but they did for some editor. If a book has me thinking about the characters long after I have put it down, I then that is a great book. I strive for that in our own writing.

You have a new paranormal romance novella You Burn Me, can you tell us about it? 

You Burn Me is a side story in the Eververse about a character you meet in Sugar and Sin, Dante Barratt, and the woman that turns his world upside down, Xxieda Rolla.

Is it characters that come to you first, or a story ?
Characters tell us the story, so i would have to say the Characters.

Your heroine Xxieda is a witch, And i really liked her relationship with her sister Peyton, is she also a witch and will we see her story in the future ?

Peyton might… We aren’t sure yet. Rhys, hes in the book as well, hes getting his own story…

In your Eververse World, you have alot of Demons, Satyrs, Witches, Fallen Angels, Succubus, Incubus, Dragons and more! Is there a species you haven't mentioned yet that you'd like to write about ?

We have a few we aren’t telling anyone about right now… well not saying anything public… LOL.. but rest assured, theres some cool new ones you will lurve.

Getting back to your new Release 'You Burn Me' Dante is snarky and sexy, did you have a model in mind as you wrote him ?

Physically hes modeled after James Purefoy and all his hotness… but personality wise, I think he just ended up being a moody bastard because that’s how he wanted to be.

Will we see Xxieda and Dante in any upcoming stories?

Yep, You will see them in Feyd’s book, Midnight and Starlight, and In Rhys’s short story too.

'You Burn Me' is a different kind of story we haven't seen from the infamous "Risk-taking Romance" writers, did you set out to write a simpler love story, or did it just evolve that way?

It evolved that way. With Xxieda being a Virgin and Dante the bastard that he is… it had to happen this way or it wouldn’t make sense.

And now something quick and fun!

Savoury or Sweet:  Both. I have a thing for flavor.
Night or Day:  Night. Daylight stings my eyes.
Punk or Pop: PUNK. Without a DOUBT.
Dog or Cat: Im a dog person
Epilogue or Prologue: Epilogue. I like the afterthought.
Hot chocolate or Coffee: Can I say tea?
Cinema or DVD: Cinema! Nothing like the big screen!
Kiss or Hug: Hugs are easier to get.
Sun or Snow: Snow! I snowboard…
Twitter or Facebook: Twitter!
MTV or VH:1 VH1. Their reality shows are better.
Book or TV: BOOK! Buy books people!

Being a naughty Bear, i have to ask a question for the girls, what smexen men can we look forward to in future books ?

Hmmm… Astor, one of our Fallen.. Hunter and Dom, our Cerberosi, Caleb, a rather nasty Djinn, OOH and our Inferi Dii: Syrus, Castor, Arlo, Blaine Kaid and Desmond. HEH.
(Bear: I can tell you you're all going to LOVE The Inferi Dii men! OMGawds YUM! I Heart Arlo!)

Is there a genre you haven't written yet that you'd like to?

No, but you will never get us to write YA.

Is it a joint effort with you and Audra when creating characters or do you each have your own group of characters you each write for ?

Usually the character just show up for each of us… and the other get a character interested in another. Take Alcyone for example. She was around a long time… and one day Aud tells me she has a Dragon that is obsessed with her… and Fire in His eyes was written soon after.

Can you tell us what you're working on now and what books are upcoming?

Right now Im working on getting a book we have already finished edited and we are working on a Keepers of Twilight book and the next Ophidian novel too.

Thanks so much for coming by to talk with me Stella!


And as a special treat, Stella arranged for me to have a quick interview with the Hero of their book: Dante! Having never spoken to a fire demon before i was anxious to find flame proof clothes..just incase!...and can you believe Amazon don't sell them?!?! So i guess my Jimmy Choo's are fending for themselves if flames start to blaze! *grins*

Aaand so to the interview...and i gotta say girls the Demon lounges back in his chair so sexily i was afraid he'd hear the panties squealing, luckily if he did he was a gentleman and didn't say so!

Hi Dante, good of you to talk to me!

D: Hey you bought the coffee…. (I'd been told to have much coffee on stand by for him, at that point i took the large coffee to him wow! he smelled good. Headrush on man scent! ) do that fire from the fingers not going to be left with a scorched couch am i? pink and flame marks don't match well!

D: luckily I can control it, so your upholstery is safe.

You seem like a pretty moody *cough* i mean intense guy, what do you do to relax ?

D: I like movies, though I hate the theater. Im a big fan of DVD’s, and chess, of course.

You and Xxieda didn't have the best start *Doesn't dare to mention the hot coffee meeting lap incident for fear of seeing couch go POOF* did you ever think weeks later you'd be all loved up together ? 

D: Not a chance in the ten hells did I think this would happen. I mean Im damn fucking lucky to have her at all, but I never thought it would end up like this. Woman is too damn good for me.

So your girlfriend is a witch, does it make you want to get out your wand *coughs* and do some magic ? 

D: Magic isn’t a turn on for me… I mean its something she does, and I don’t worry about her being safe because lets face it she could kick most peoples asses with it, but Im not all starry-eyed about it.

It's kinda neat you have fire fingertips, what's the best thing you've made go poof up in flames?

D: Well my fingertips aren’t the only thing I can do, though I’m nowhere near close to what Johnny Storm can do.. *frowns * and I know Feyd is going to start some of that ‘flame on’ bullshit too… ugh *rubs the bridge of his nose *. Ardesco can call flames from their body to their hands, but they can also manipulate existing flames and use fireballs and such. It is a pretty cool power. As for things I have set up in flames? Unlike some people *cough FEYD and FALLON * I don’t use my powers for ill. Though it is pretty cool that I can keep my coffee perpetually hot.

What's the best and worse thing about being a Demon ?  

D: The best thing? Well the powers are pretty cool, though the selling my soul thing wasn’t too cool.

Can you take us through a typical day of Dante ?

D: I am so not interesting, but what the hell… I get up, have some coffee Therapy. Hit the bag for about 25 minutes, then the treadmill, then a shower. Usually after that its work for a couple house, meeting contacts, checking accounts, ebay, research… then usually some eats, then a pint or two at the bar, then back home for some more work. See? Totally boring.

Now it wouldn't be me if i didn't ask a few naughty questions for my followers to read... ( at this point i was  blushing crimson due to the intense gaze he had and praying the panties didn't start doing a song and dance to get noticed!)

Kiss or Cuddle: With X? Both.
Paddle or Whip: *laughs * So not answering this…
Fast or Slow: I believe that would be ladies choice *wink *
Bite or Nibble: Nibble… much better…
Lick or Suck: Are we talking about my preference? Because then I prefer the latter. (Bear: Gawds, is there a colour brighter than crimson??)
Missionary or Doggy: *laughs * well… neither? I actually prefer spooning, Feelings deeper *wink *
Moan or Scream: No preference, I make her do both.

At this point Dante's phone rings, some business or other by the look of his scowl, so i wind the interview down....

Thanks for talking to me Dante...and not setting fire to my upholstery *grin*

D: any time Bear… this has been quite lovely, and the coffee wasn’t half bad.


Thanks again to Stella Price and Dante, i had fun talking to you both.

You burn Me is released May 15th. For more info and release news for Stella and Audra Price check HERE


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Minx said...

Woot woot wootie woot!

Cool interview BearsyBoo! *waves at Dante and Stella*

Sparklybearsy said...

thank you minxy =)

Stella Price said...

Ok... Feyd said to tell you that Dante is a sodding flamer and he wishes he was as fabulous as he. Oh and that he doesnt use his powers for Ill, he just likes to see what he is getting into (knicker-wise) before he does (Did I mention Feyd is a vision demon?)

Hes seething that Dante has to be such a "sodding fucker."

But I lurve Dante... And I think everyone else will too.

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL i love Feyd, he makes me laugh!

Stella Price said...

Hes seething right now...

Sparklybearsy said...

He's cute when he seethes! :D

Stella Price said...

Dont say that! his preening and swaggering about is not any better.. I would rather him be sour when hes about...

Sparklybearsy said...

i dont mind babysitting him when he's in swaggering mode ^_^

Minx said...

Me Me Me... I'll help!

*waves at Feyd too*

Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAHA he's gonna be swaggering all over. naughty minxy!

Glory said...

Great interview bear and stella is very nice! ;)

Stella Price said...

X told me to mention that that sexy picture you got there of his hotness... he does in fact dress as such... But looks better naked.

And I just choked.

Sparklybearsy said...

@glory thanks hun, stella and dante gave great answers =D

@Stella oh rawwwrrrr! thank you X! AHAHAHA feel free to post those pics of him ;)

No choking Stella, we need you to intro us to the hot menz remember ;)

jaymzangel said...

ohhhhh James Purefoy *pervs on pic*
wondermous interview bear & stella *blows kisses*
*waves to Dante*

Sparklybearsy said...

isnt that a HOT pic huh? RAWRRRR!!! thats how Dante looked when i interviewed him *nods to this* true story =D

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

LOL! That was pretty funny... :D

Sparklybearsy said...

=D thanks VC! it was fun to do.

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