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Author Interview Samantha Hunter

I'm happy to welcome Author Samantha Hunter to Bears Talk Corner today! To read my review of her new book out next month go HERE 


Hi Samantha, thank you much for stopping by Sparkly's, It's great to have you..

 Thank you so much for asking me!

Your latest book released in May, is called Make your Move, can you tell us a bit about it

Well, this is one of those special books -- you know, like you love all of your kids, but there's always one that you like a little more than the others? *G* This book just really was so much fun for me. The story came to me almost all at once when I was out on a walk one day with my husband, and the title idea "Any Man She Wants" popped into my head (writing is weird -- sometimes you get the idea, the setting, or the character, and this time I just had a title pop up), and I spent the rest of the walk thinking out the story -- the cookies, the hero, etc. I went home, emailed my editor immediately, and she said yes, do it. So, I did. In the editorial process, the title was changed, but that's okay -- like the new one. But basically, this story puts together so many things I love -- sexy, smart heroes, friends to lovers, and of course, cookies. :)

I love reading about friends falling in love, did you have any inspirations of how you got Jodie and Dan's story ? 

Mostly for Dan -- I love the TV shows Numb3rs (with Charlie)  and Big Bang Theory (with Sheldon and Leonard), and I also spent 16 years in academia (as a student and a teacher), and so I was around those very smart, geeky kinds of guys a lot (hot professors, LOL, you know ...), and I really love a guy who's smart, kind, and sexy. So Dan definitely was inspired by all of these experiences. And I really enjoy friends to lovers stories -- so much so I have another one coming out this December, but I never became romantically involved with a friend, myself, though I have had lots of male friends. :)

Now i love a good smex scene as much as the next smutty girl *smirk* and the passion is sizzling with these two characters, do you get embarrassed writing what they get up to? 

No, not really. I love writing romance, and sexy romance, and to me sex is part of it all, and I have no embarrassment about it. If I did, I don't think I could write it well. Sex is fun, writing sex is fun, you know, so it's all just fun. :)
What I WILL admit is that sometimes the wording can make me feel ridiculous. For instance, the way sex can be described can be overboard sometimes, but I think it has to be, for the words to really convey the experience. For example, when my husband was formatting my Kindle short, Barely There, for me, and he looked up at one point and gave me a snort when he read how the hero's pubic hair made "the perfect nest for his cock" -- dh thought that was quite hysterical. But you know, we're painting pictures and experiences with words, what can I say? LOL

You have two guilt free passes with two guys to use the aphrodisiac cookies on, who and why ? 

This question has been torturing me! So many possibilities!  I had to really think about...It took me DAYS. LOL

One:  Mark Harmon, especially as Jethro Gibbs on NCIS. He's just so sexy, and I've loved Mark Harmon forever (we're about the same age, which is also nice) and the character is so smart, so good at what he does, just a really cool, ethical, amazing guy. I think he's that way in his real life, too, and I like that -- lust aside, I like guys who stay with their wives, are family men, and good men in general.

Two:  Matthew Morrison, especially as Mr. Shue on Glee --  I love how he sings/dances, I love his hair, and I have to admit, he reminds me of Dan in Make Your Move a lot (not so much that he's a genius, but the kind of really sexy, nice geeky guy).

Aaand now for a little get to know you better quick fire question time: 

Hot chocolate or Latte  (Hot Choc)
Rain or Sun  (Summer rain? ;)  )
Twitter or Facebook  (If I had to, I pick Twitter, I enjoy the fast pace and spontaneity, but I like both)
Text or Talk  (Talk)
Night or Day  (Day)
Boxers or Briefs  (None)
Prologue or Epilogue  (Epilogue)
Vampire or Normal (guy)   (Normal)

Getting back to your book, Make your Move, I loved Dan right away, he's my kind of Geek, smart and sexy, did you have a model in mind as you wrote him ? 

I think I kind of already answered that up above, oops! But I think Dan generally represents a kind of guy I personally like the best. He's good looking, smart, sexy, etc -- but the thing that I really tend to gravitate to in my heroes is that they are nice men. They care, they can carry a conversation -- and they are great in the sack (they can even carry a conversation in the sack, LOL)

When you have time to relax, which books and authors do you like to devour? 

Oh, I read a lot, and I love so many authors... I only read books I can devour -- which is most of them. I am one of those readers who, if I am not sucked in by page 50 or so, I just move on to another book. So I only read books that suck me in -- and there are a lot of them.  I enjoy series mystery a lot, even though it might be light on romance, that's okay -- it offers me a different kind of reward (though there are often romantic subplots, and I like that, too). Some favorites there are Cleo Coyle, Annette Blair, and Sheila Lowe (and several others in similar genres). I love UF -- Patricia Briggs, Karen Moning (I like her PNR, too), and Jim Butcher, etc. Love PNR -- so many authors there I hate to mention any in particular. I am not so much a historical reader, but heard such great things about Kathryn Smith's historical vamps, I have to check them out. I also like Joanne Rock's Blazes and historicals.

I do like to relax with sexy contemp -- while a lot of the darker stuff can suck you in and keep you on edge, I enjoy the emotional journey of contemp like we get from Nora, Susan Mallery, and several other like authors, and I like that real life romance that deals with real people and real problems any of us can face. I find those the most comforting and uplifting, often. I enjoy suspense, but not anything to scary or explicitly violent.

I also love to read category romance, obviously -- I think you can find some of the absolute best romance out there in category fiction -- but love Blaze, Superromance, and Nocturne, as well as the occasional Presents and Desire. 

Do you have plans to visit Jodie and Dan in any future books?

No, they are pretty much done. Living their happily ever after, and I'm happy for them. :) But then again, you never can tell -- if I have a book set in Chicago, who knows?? ;) Maybe those characters could stop by the bakery. ;)

What do you like/dislike in a Heroine? (what makes you want to bitch slap a heroine silly lol) 

There is the classic TSTL -- when otherwise smart heroines do stupid things. I rarely get why a heroine goes after a bad guy without telling anyone (unless there is a clear reason why she does this). I think, "what the hell is wrong with you? Why don't you just go tell (friends/hero, etc) who it is, and go together? Seriously. I don't like heroines who aren't able to laugh at themselves. And they have to be smart -- they have to be good people -- they have to be worthy of the men we create for them.

As for guys, I want the guy to be kind, first and foremost. He can be many other things -- alpha, beta, vamp, cop, hard-headed, sweet, stubborn, whatever -- but he has to be kind. Good-hearted. He has to know he is not the center of the freakin' universe. I like confidence, a man who knows himself, who is very good at what he does, and who has heart. He doesn't need to be perfect, he can even be an ass, or have to grow, but that seed of all good things has to be there. He has to be worthy of the heroines we create for him, too. :)

 Would you like to write in any other romance Genre besides Contemporary ? 

Oh, sure -- I think most writers get ideas all over the place, LOL -- but I would love to do PNR, and I would love to write series mystery -- but these all take specific writing skills, especially mystery, and I have dabbled in all of them in my Blazes and will continue to try to write other things as I go along... too many stories out there to stick to one thing, but I do love sexy contemp. Personally, I think writing straight contemp -- to write a convincing, deeply emotional story about normal people falling in love, absent of any of the plot elements of paranormal or suspense -- is one of the hardest things anyone can try to do. I have enormous respect for writers who do it well.

Can you tell us what you're working on now ?

Absolutely. :) I just finished the December '10 Blaze, which is untitled at the moment (just submitting it to editing, and titles tend to change) -- but the working title is Holiday Fling -- it's set here in the center of New York State, in the Fingerlakes, and is about a heroine who runs a local winery, and her neighbor and high-school crush, the hero,  a guy who left to become a Formula One racer in Europe, but comes back after a bad crash to sell his family vineyard. It's been a wonderful story to write -- I've loved it.

Then, I am working on new proposals for Blaze for 2011 (one in July will be a 24 Hours: Blackout Blaze, and that is going to be FUN), and I have several other smaller and new projects running, but you know, only so many hours in the day. :)

Thank you for stopping by and talking to me Samantha, it's been fun! 

 Thank you! This was so much fun -- I really enjoyed it!  You are the sparkliest!


Check out Samantha's website for news and latest releases HERE


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Samantha Hunter said...

Thanks so much for such a fun interview -- these were terrific questions, and I am happy to answer any others than people might have, and will check in throughout the day. :)

Thanks, Sparkly!


Sparklybearsy said...

Thanks Sam! It was so much fun thinking of Questions, i was being distracted by Dan's smexen Specs LOL =)

Jamie D. said...

What a great interview - I followed Sam over here to read, and aside from getting distracted by all the great cover art (over and over and over LOL), that was one of the best interviews I've read. Great questions, Sparklybearsy! :-)

I'm gonna have to come back when I have time to click some covers... ;-)

Sparklybearsy said...

Thanks for stopping by Jamie! Sam was great to interview, come by anytime =)

jaymzangel said...

fab interview, bt! *waves to Sam* I am anxious to read Jodie & Dan's story after hearing bear drool over it, lol. it's def on my TBR pile.
Sam, I was wondering what you feel is the most challenging thing about your writing? (i.e. dealing with editors, writing outlines, etc.)

Samantha Hunter said...

Jay ... that sometimes changes day to day. You can have easy books or hard ones, good writing days and bad ones, edits you might not agree with entirely (though I pretty much get along very well with my editors -- they are great people, and very reasonable). I enjoy the work, so I think that makes most of that easier.

I don't always like when they change my title, unless it's a title I changed myself, but sometimes, like with Make Your Move, it works. I didn't like that title at first, but I do now. :)

I never write outlines, and generally I enjoy the writing or I wouldn't do it, but the hardest thing, honestly, would be all the waiting. You wait a lot in this biz, for everything -- responses, sales, rejections (nothing like waiting 6 months or more to hear no thanks...), money, etc -- everyone is overworked and has life stuff, too, but sometimes it can really make life difficult for a person who is not inclined to patience in the first place! LOL But, you have to be patient, because everyone is overworked, and there's usually more than enough work to do in the meantime. :)


flchen1 said...

Hi, Sam!! Great interview! Thanks for taking the time--I'm looking forward to Make Your Move!!

Samantha Hunter said...

Hey Fedora, thanks for coming by. :) I hope you enjoy the book. :)


Minx said...

Great interview and FAB questions! I tink I may have to invest in a copy.

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks all for stopping by to comment! MWAH!

and thanks again to Sam for the interview =)

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