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ARC Review - You Burn Me

A priestess of The Morrigan, Xxieda Rolla is a woman who has known success in her business, fulfillment in her family life and is only missing one thing: the love of the man that would have her for always. Sent to Shadow Heights New York by her goddess to find him, she meets the ever tasty, ever surly Dante Barratt. Sparks fly, and so does Amaretto Latte 
Dante, a dealer of rare and illegal commodities, and a very tempestuous fire demon might want the woman who's brown eyes haunt him, but knows better then to get involved with someone who just screams purity. She's hot, and successful in ways he never could be, IE: in a legal fashion. Women like that were far too good for the likes of him.  After a chance encounter on a dark street corner, and an earth shattering kiss, Both are powerless to deny the chemistry between them... until Xxieda tells him her secret: shes a virgin  

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Usually Prologues bore me rigid. i just wanna get on with the story already, but reading a girl having a dreams sent to her by a Goddess, about a guy she is yet to meet is interesting to me, so i was hooked right away into You Burn Me by the sisters Price Stella and Audra.
A simple love story of girl meets boy. But with a twist. The twist being, Xxieda is a witch, and was sent by her Goddess The Morrigan to meet her soulmate who turns who out to be a snarky moody bastard who is also gorgeous and a fire demon. I really liked Dante actually, there's something sexy about a snarky guy and it made me giggle that X and Dante didn't have the best introduction, i wont spoil it, but Xxieda didn't take his gruff attitude lightly. She is a cool character, i like reading about witches, magic and goddesses's and this book had all three, I liked her best when she was interacting with Dante, she was no simpering indecisive heroine, she wanted Dante and didn't hide the fact. i like that in a girl. She did have me confused at times, she would bounce from being a siren and aggressor in wanting sex back to the innocent blushing virgin again, it didn't take away my like of Xxieda, i just had to learn to catch up with her bouncing *grin*

There is a few new secondary characters, Peyton, is X's sister, and Rhys is a rock star with alot of deep issues of his own, you see the outcome of those issues in You Burn Me, i hear he is going to have his own story told too and the synopsis sounds great! We meet Xxeida's family too...can i just say LOVED THEM! such a funny loveable family, lil crazy, but nonetheless likeable.
Along with new characters you see Feyd again, he's from the Eververse, and is SO funny, he was the one who gave me my LOL moments in this book, his friendship with Dante is actually quite sweet...

Dante: “What the bloody hell do
you think you’re doing turning up at the break of day?” 
Feyd: "Well I missed you too kitten. You look like shit run over twice mate.

I loved that exchange between them! You see a different side to Dante when he's around his friend, his jealous impatience is shown with funny banter.

" I would like to be able to indulge in an argument and incident free episode of hot sex with Xxieda. It’s like we’re bloody cursed. " - Dante 

The story flows along nicely, and when it finally arrives Evil sisters price keeping you waiting a millennia for the smexens the sexy time is hott! there's nothing kinky or outlandish about it, just a whole load of lust, a virgin and a demon tussling, you will love it!

So my verdict...i loved this book, likeable characters flaws and all, and a love story with a twist.
I give You Burn Me by Stella & Audra Price 4 out of 5 sparkles! A Magical Read!

You Burn me is released May 15th.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Stella Price and a Mystery...Sexy Guest!! 


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Stella Price said...

Hey woman don't blame me! that was all X and Dante on the smexin... Im so glad you like it though and at least I know we did them justice!

Love ya!

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL! you know i am an impatience she bitch, i cannot help it, i likes my smexens early on! there was lots of hot teasing and kisses to keep me going you were saved a spanken! ;) AHAHAH!

thanks for commenting Stella!!!

Smokinhotbooks said...

Great review Bears, this is next on my review list.

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks KC! i look forward to reading your review =)

jaymzangel said...

awwwwww *sniffle* I wish my readingFAIL would F off so I can read this *kicks & screams*

Sparklybearsy said...

poor bt *huggens*

Glory said...

Interview to stella&audra???!! Yay!!! Bear you rock! ;)

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