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ARC Review - Make your Move

Jodie Patterson's posh bakery is all about satisfying cravings. Her signature aphrodisiac cookies have been flying off the shelves...and giving Jodie some delicious ideas of her own.
Behind his owlish glasses, Jodie's business partner, Dr. Dan Ellison, is the male equivalent of the Naughty Professor. Jodie is more than ready to indulge her fantasies with this wolf-in-geek's-clothing as long as they set some ground rules: sex is sex, business is business and nothing will change. Yeah, right!
After that first addictive kiss, it's time to see if they can really satisfy each other's appetites..  

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This is the first Harlequin Blaze book i've read in a long time, i cut my romance teeth on them back when i was fifteen so i was excited to be sent an advanced copy of Make your Move by Samantha Hunter. It has all the things i like in a romance, Best friends who suddenly look at each other in  a different way, a sexy Geek ?(who wears specs!) a baddie out to cause mischef and sweet treats!

I was intrigued to read about aphrodisiac cookies, much more appetizing then a plate of oysters. You eat a cookie, see the guy you're lusting for and bam he lusts you back. I don't mind saying i'd buy a truckload of those cookies, For research purposes of course! =)

Jodie and Dan two very likeable characters and all through the book i was cheering them on, wanting them to be together. Jodie has struggles with thinking love exists, struggles with mixing friendship with something more, i really liked her, she is a modern fiesty get what she wants kind of woman.
Dan...ohhh Dan, i was gone on him when i saw how smart he was....and then you add in his sexy specs...RAWR!! He was so lovely, he made me "aww" and laugh out loud a few times with his delicious geekiness.

“Ms. Patterson, we do have the perfect situation in which to conduct a few experiments.
Would you like to assist?” he asked.
“Of course, but what do I do? I don’t know much about science,” she said, catching on
“First, you should undress. Slowly, please.”
“Don’t worry. I’m a doctor,” he reassured her with a smile.

Along with the burgeoning relationship with Dan and Jodie there is sabotage mingled into the story that keeps it flowing along nicely. I'd forgotten what it was like to read a regular nice guy character, who wasn't angst ridden with past issues, who wasn't a snarky moody bastard, and who wasn't trying to fight his feelings for the girl. I loved that about Dan, he is Book Boyfriend worthy! 

I give Make your Move by Samantha Hunter 4 sparkles out of 5 - A geek-tastic read! 

Make your Move out in May - find details HERE 

Join me tomorrow for a fun filled interview with Author of Make your Move Samanatha Hunter, it's Sparkalicious!!! 


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Smokinhotbooks said...

I remember signing up for Harlequin when I was 14 - aw the good ole days.

Great review SB!!!

Sparklybearsy said...

Harlequin used to be my guilty pleasure when i was a young wee sparkle! since none of my friends were into reading i did my romance reading in sekrits!

thanks for stopping by KC!mwah

Minx said...

I read them as a teenager too! Them and Mills and Boon Tempation!

Not read one in a while, looks like I may be reading this one.

Sparklybearsy said...

you should! it's a smexen read, Dan is so geekalicious in his specs!

Awww Temptation, i forgot those! i loved them!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I've read one of her books, and really enjoyed it-after reading your review, I'm going to have to give this one a try!

Sparklybearsy said...

Oh you gotta, who can resist a hot Geek!

Samantha Hunter said...

Hey folks, thanks for stopping by and I hope you do give Dan a try! ;)

I think category romance has really become so good in the last few years especially -- you can find almost anything there, now, and if you want hot AND romantic, Blaze is it. :)


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