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The Wicked West & The Tin Star - Double Review

When Lily Anders gave up her proper English roots to settle in the Wild West, she didn't dare hope that she'd meet someone who shared her own wicked bedroom secrets. But the virtuous Sheriff Hale has never told anyone about his shocking desires. Will he give in to the surprising temptation of the young widow?

Taking into account this is just a short story, a mere 95 pages long, it did pack quite a bit in, moving countries, old dead husband, starting a business, submissive, sadistic and masochistic, dominant behaviour, a sexy sheriff, shootings, cattle rustling, and a woman who isn't afraid to go after what she wants, even though it's from a time when women just didn't do that.

I applauded Lily for being brave enough to go after Tom, this guy she didn't know but recognised something in his uptight self knowing he was the man to give her a right good spanking!

As an erotica story this gives you everything you want, the BDSM was smexi, its a really good intro for those who haven't read anything about it before. I love that as the submissive Lily is actually the strong independent in charge one, she knew she wanted Tom from the moment she saw him and dang she went for him, so bold and upfront as to do a lil DIY play in front of her bedroom window knowing he was watching. You go girl!

And while i did enjoy the erotic side of the story something was lacking for me, i wanted Tom to be less "this is wrong, im an animal for thinking of doing those kinds of things to this sweet innocent woman" I understand why he was like that, he thought his first wife had left due to his "disgusting" sexual attentions, but come on Tommy boy, there's a hot lil woman getting off in front of you letting you know she's hot to go and STILL you question yourself. Im too much an alpha male lover i guess, and the setting of...what im thinking is a century or more ago really isn't my kind of story i usually go for, I much prefer modern day settings. But when they finally get on the same page it is simply delicious! A must read for if you like your sex a lil kinked.

I give The Wicked West by Victoria Dahl 3 sparkles out of 5! Smut-tastic!


When James Killian comes out to his father, he finds himself banished from his home and fired from his job. His savior comes in the unlikely form of Ethan Whitehall, his older brother's best friend. Ethan has always had a soft spot where Jamie Killian was concerned, and he will do whatever it takes to keep his new lover safe. 

You know those romance storys that just make you go all mushy inside and say "Awww" alot? well The Tin Star by J.L Langley is one of those books! I loved the mix of humour and romance between Ethan and Jamie, both were adorable and sexy and rugged cowboys. Jamie had always had a crush on his older brothers friend, Ethan and it was apparent soon as Jamie stepped foot on The Tin Star ranch there was a spark between them both. It was soon after their first kiss took place. And oh my wow! Now anyone who knows me knows im all for the manlove, so to read an entire book full of it is always a good day for me, and Jamie and Ethan didn't disappoint and woo hoo not a stick of butter in sight!

I like how both characters dealt with the homophobia, especially from Jamie's Dad, i had hoped it would be resolved in someway towards the end, and even though some of the towns people were downright idiotic towards mostly Jamie since not many people knew Ethan was gay (how could they not, he had sexy manlove written all over him!) it brought both main characters closer together. And for once it was lovely to read a m/m book where the characters weren't all filled with angst over being gay.

Side characters i loved, John and Julia, Jamie's brother and sister, although i had thought John being best friends with Ethan would have had at least a 2 minute conflict over him shagging his younger brother, but he took it in his stride, even when he walked in on them in bed together. Its not a major complaint just a something that niggled at me since im sure gay or not id have something more to say other than "oh you're together now?" if my younger brother was fooling around with my friend 11 years his senior. But anyways, that didn't spoil my enjoyment of the story in the least!

Spot and Fred, horse and dog brought a humour to the book that i loved, both made me laugh out loud several times.

Anyone interested in M/M romance books will love this, it's an easy story to follow, with characters you want to bitch slap, hug, laugh with and perv on when the manlove is heated!

For the manlove scenes, there's nothing kinky really, some toy play but nothing that made me go 0_o so i could throughly enjoy it. Jamie and Ethan although got together within the blink of an eye, i never found it weird, they were just falling in love and i for one loved being along for the journey with them.

I give The Tin Star by J.L Langely 4.5 sparkles out of 5! Love-tastic!


PS. you will ADORE what happens at the end. So romantic!

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Jenn Benn said...

I liked the BDSM in thw wicked west but i agree with what you said bears it lacked something. so good though for a short erotica.

the m/m romance sounds so good, cant wait to read it LOL @ no butter in sight, my little vanilla bitch -smooch-

great reviews!

Smokinhotbooks said...

OMG I loved Wicked West, I thought Victoria Dahl did an amazing job with only 95 pages. She didn't wrap everything up in a tidy bow which made it more authentic to me. When Tom peaks at her through the window and gets "excited" *fans self*.

I heart JL so much. Didn't you think the ending in Tin Star was cute? I have downloaded all of her books and every single one was a winner.

Great Review!

Sparklybearsy said...

@ Benni HAHA, whaaaat? that butter scene in the other book distubed me for life!

@Smokinhotbooks Im DEF getting more JL books, i could have happily had another 200 pafes of the tin star, it was written beautifully, ohh and the end tugged at my heartstrings!

thanks for stopping by girls! MWAH!

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Loved your reviews! I have both books on my ereader - unread! I'm really looking forward to Tin Star and it's cute ending :) I have read JL's Broken H and enjoyed that pretty much! Those sweet, hot cowboys *sigh*

Sparklybearsy said...

Thanks Janna! i think you'll really like them, The wicked West is smutily delish. and tin star is manlove packed and soooo romantic. you gotta love cowboys falling in love.

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Yum! Anyone who doesn't love cowboys falling in love I can't take seriously, lol!

jaymzangel said...

mmmm manlove *drools* more to add to the to-buy list

Sparklybearsy said...

@Janna i agree!!! Rugged cowboys all loved up is freakin sexy!

@Jay buy buy buy!

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