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Sweet Persuasion - Review!

 "For five years, Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients’ fantasies. Never her own. Until now…

Her most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man. Someone who will command her, pleasure her, and have complete authority over her. So she seeks out Damon Roche, owner of an exclusive sex club and a man strong enough to make her do anything he wants. Anything.

Together they’ll journey into a world she’s only dreamed of. She’s given the opportunity to immerse herself in a different life while her normal one waits for her to return whenever she wishes. Damon has no desire to let her go, however. Serena is the woman he’s long searched for, and it’s up to him to convince her to stay when the game is all over with. He wants their fantasy to become their reality and for Serena to remain his pampered, cherished submissive"

“Does this mean you’re agreeing?” Damon asked.

She took in a steadying breath as she stared at the handsome man sitting across from her. Yes, he was gorgeous. He was confident, wore arrogance like a cloak, and God, she loved arrogant, assured men, but he didn’t come across like an asshole. Was this man for real? Or was he just playing a role?
She wanted to find out so bad she could taste it.
She licked her lips and then nodded
“I want to hear you say it,” he prompted.
“Yes. I agree.”
His smile was triumphant, and something dark and primitive flashed in his eyes. In that moment she imagined what it would be like to be his, and it filled her with a powerful longing

I loved that quote from early on in the book "I want to hear you say it" that right there shows Damon's Dominant qualities, so freakin hot! For the full excerpt Go Here 

Going into this book i already knew two things, the author and the “sweet” series were something i liked so i didn’t expect any shocks.

Wow, was i wrong! I’ve read dom and sub (d/s) before, chicks want to be treated like a dirty girl and tied up, men like to play the dominant boss man...but Sweet Persusion showed me a whole new aspect.

Serena wants a man to have total domination over her body, and Damon is looking for a woman he can have a complete d/s relationship with. Both were really likeable characters, i really want to be in friend circle with Serena, Julie and Faith, their girlie chats are a complete hoot, open, honest and downright durty...along with copious amounts of wine..what girl wouldn’t want that!? And Damons visit home with his mum was a sweet touch. w

There was just something still and intense about Damon i liked, sexy suave businessman, but it was his Dom behaviour that had my mouth falling open. Now im no vanilla girl, far from it...i will spank you before we’ve even exchanged an hello (i love sharing TMI dont you? LOL) but some of the things in this book were waaay over my knowledge of d/s, I will say one thing for Damon, when he commited to something the boy commited full force.

And i was introduced to my first butt plug scene! I feel so grown up now.

Some who read this will think Damon is arrogant and selfish, in some scenes he gets off and Serena gets nothing in return, but i totally got them both, Serena's need to be overtaken 100% to trust the man to satisfy her sexual, give her affection, take care of her needs in all aspects. I got that she was satisfied by satisfying him, satisfied when he pushed her to her limits of exposure. There was an arrogance about Damon, knowing he would get his way, but there was never a doubt in my mind he always had Serenas wants and needs in the forefront of his mind too. The chemistry between them was smokin’ hot, i found it was a real easy page turner, if not for the evil real life things i could easily have devoured the entire thing in a day.

So what does this book offer you? You have a sexy character in Damon (seriously rideable!)

Some hardcore dom/sub sexy time

Funny conversations with the girls

Smexy secondary characters in Nathan, Gray and Micah. (Ohhh Micah...come to me!)

Sex upon sex!

&& did i mention the butt plug?!?! seriously folks...a plug..for the butt! 0_o

So, you wanna know about the smexy time dont you? Yeah, i know you do... it’s plentiful, teasing to the panties, intense, rough, satisfying, shocking, sexy, bondage-licious. There’s some aspects of menage-ish, you’ll know what i mean when you get to that part, i don’t want to ruin it for you...look out for Damons desk...S’all im sayin...i was all of agog as i read it.

This really is a sexy book, very likeable characters that interact well, good storyline, secondary characters and storylines that aren’t out of place and fuckmenow sexy times, i couldn’t have asked for more.

And although this is a series, i’ve read the books out of sequence and didn’t feel like i’ve missed anything by doing so. I still have Gray and Faiths story to read (thats up next) Sweet Surrender...and’s Micah’s story out in April..SQUEE!

I give Sweet Persuasion 4.5 sparkles out of 5! Go read it people!


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Smokinhotbooks said...

I find that my vanilla issues strike again with hardcore BDSM books. For me if I feel the heroine is being humiliated or sexually inferior it makes me uncomfortable and I loose the interest in the story. I guess as inner feminist I just can't connect with a female character like that...or could be my issues of control, which I get why could be sexy to give someone else complete control.

Great Review!!!

Sparklybearsy said...

There was some sexual inferior and at times i was a lil wincy, but i understood that was what Serena wanted and how Damon worked, im too bossy and my feminist self would protest lol but i know theres chicks in real life that do want that kind of Dominating, Damon does take care of her very like lol but i found it endearing in parts and sexy as hell in others!

thanks for the comment always i love your 'nilla opinions HEE! Smooch!

The Queen B said...

Aww, I remember my first butt plug scene ::wipes tear:: You've grown up so fast ::sniff:: :P
Great review. Muah!

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL! thanks B! =)

SusiSunshine said...

I totally forgot the plug. II have to say I had the same issues KC mentioned. I hate when the woman gets humiliated but Damon really made up for that in my opinion. I so want Micah's story now. Can't wait to finally read it!
Loved your review!

Sparklybearsy said...

I had the same thought as you Susi, Damon very much made up for any humilation, I actually saw their relationship as quite a kinky bondage d/s way lol I am sooo impatient for Micahs story, he has intrigued me ever since i read Nathans story ( ive read them in a backwards order lol )

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