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Night Huntress 4 Book - Review.

Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father—the one responsible for ruining her mother's life. Then she's captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership.

In exchange for finding her father, Cat agrees to train with the sexy night stalker until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. She's amazed she doesn't end up as his dinner—are there actually good vampires? Pretty soon Bones will have her convinced that being half-dead doesn't have to be all bad. But before she can enjoy her newfound status as kick-ass demon hunter, Cat and Bones are pursued by a group of killers. Now Cat will have to choose a side . . . and Bones is turning out to be as tempting as any man with a heartbeat.


"You can control my mind?" The thought horrified me.

His Brown eyes suddenly bled to green and his gaze drilled into mine "Come to me" he whispered, yet the words seemed to resound in my head.
"No fucking way" i said, chilled at the sudden urge i had to do it.  - Cat & Bones. Halfway to the Grave

He glided over and drew me to my feet "I should assure you that in bed you have nothing to prove to me, or that i've never enjoyed making love to anyone more, but only a fool passes up what you just offered me. Now, i am short on some props, and there isn't nearly enough time in one night to run through all the ways i've fantasized about taking you, but i promise you this..." His voice deepened. "You'll be scandalized in the morning when you can think again" Bones One foot in the Grave (Holy Fuck...head goes BOOM!!)

"Do you know why i won't shut up about how i feel about you? Because i didn't say anything for years. We were friends, but i kept hoping with time, more would develop between us. I'm not making that mistake again, hesitating when i should have moved forward. i don't care if it pisses the Crypt Keeper off or makes you uncomfortable, I'm done pretending i only want to be your friend" - Tate. At Grave's End

 "Sex isn't what i'm after. It's just been a long time since i've slept next to a woman who meant something to me" - Vlad. Destined for an Early Grave.  

 I don't think not since i began reading Sherrilyn Kenyon years ago have i devoured books so fast as i did the Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost. Anyone who talks to me on Twitter knows i love love love these stories. The books are narrated by Cat, not usually a fan of in the first person but it works for these books.
You can't get a better book when you love the characters and want to read more about them. Jeaniene Frost had me engaged right from book one with wonderful characters i felt compelled to get to know more about, Cat is so kick ass i wanted to pull on 6 inch heels, a mini skirt, strap on silver knives and BE her! I've always loved a chick who didn't cower behind a guy and expected to be rescued, instead kicked major ass and saved herself, and the guy too at times! Cat is that woman, and besides her being wishy washy for not telling her friend and colleagueTate (who digs her majorly)  to step off interfering with her and Bones i really liked her, she has a dark broodinesss that you usually only see in the male characters, i liked that about her.

The books have great secondary characters throughout, my favourite being Vlad, or as we all know him Dracula! Muahahahaha...my name is Dracula...i Vant to drink your blood! Oh yeah...i SO said it! =D
He was engaging and funny and alluring, i wanted to read more about him, i was looking out for him to enter a scene. Cat drinks from him and sleeps in the same bed as him at one point...( oh yeah...you get that baaad boy!) and it was evident Cat and Vlad had a closeness that i didn't wholely think was sexual tension, not on her part anyway...i don't know, im hoping their friendship is explored more in future books. After Bones Vlad is my man!

I liked the concept of the Ghouls, seriously different to what i've always imagined ghouls to be, ive forever pictured them zombie-like, walking slower than a blind 3 legged tortoise and with gruelsome flesh hanging off them...but no, Frost made them just like vamps...but instead of drinking blood they had to live on raw meat/flesh...I think i could live with that in a boyfriend! Rodney was my favourite Ghoul, he deserved my admiration if for nothing else than for getting the stick out of Cats mums' Justina's ass...Like Bones told her she really needed a good shag! Damn that woman made my fingers itch to wallop her one right across her snooty face...sure lady you succumbed to a vamp and got jiggy, get over it and stop making your daughter pay for it! I didnt like the way she treated Cat, or how she spoke to the undead folk...but she did mellow out by book 4 and i actually thought she was humourous in places.

Aaand now, to talk about Bones...oh Bones! Firstly when i knew he was British i didn't think id like him..Being Brit (yes i am!..'Ello Guvnor its bloomin' pissing down, you'll need your brolly.." See! lol ) i've never been attracted to any Brit guys ive seen in print, mostly because they're usually wrote as upperclass twats. But with Bones..well firstly i heard Spikes voice for him (Buffy the vamp slayer) so right there was WIN! and then as i read more and more of that tall dark drink of delicious gulpable water i was in love!
Has any vamp being written so seductive and mysterious and fuckable and alluring and all sex on legsish? well...yeah..but Bones is different people..he's in a class all on his own. Seriously if you want a new book boyfriend and haven't read these books yet..go go..friggin..GO! I hearted him so much, he felt so deeply for Cat that i wanted to slice off her skin and wear her as a jacket just so he'd love me that way *snicker* to say he is now Numero Uno Book Boyfriend is a definite!

And i can't write a review and not mention Chapter 32 in "One Foot in the Grave" Holy Mother of Jonas! It's only January, but it's defininitely the best sex scene ive read this year. Pantie screamingly delicious doesn't even come close to describing it. So RAWRRR!

If i had to find fault with this series...hmm...well Tate irritates me a little bit, but i don't know why...but the main complain is i Don't have anymore Bones books to read yet..Waahh!

Apart from that i heart this series, it's rare for someone who has read sooo much paranormal to then read an author who gives you a different slant on the whold undead world and to top that off to give you a Hero who makes your hormones sit up and beg. (Seriously Jeaniene Frost THANK YOU for Bones - and when are you giving him to me..i mean us the fans again? *grin* Next tuesday is good for me...wednesday? saturday? ok, i'll leave that with you =D  )

Spades story is up next...a spin off from the Huntress series, i like that he's getting his own story, "First Drop Of Crimson" I liked him right from the first time we saw him, you gotta love a guy with a name like Spade!

I give all 4 books 5 out of 5 Sparkles. TOP SCORE!


SparklyBearsy xxx

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jaymzangel said...

love this books, absofuckinglutely LURVE them madly!! so happy you do too bt, tis always gratifying when gifts are extremely loved *warm fuzzies* oh Bones <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 it's a love thing

Minx said...

Yes they are so worth the sparkles, unlike the demonica books this a bus I have been on for a good while so it is a while since I read the first few. I finished reading the last one a few months ago and I think they are just getting better- they story twists and keeps adding new facets. I agree about the side characters being interesting and that you start to care for them. Good fun all round, oh and very smexi too!

Jenni_Benni said...

Im dying to read these books!! from what youve told me bearsy i will be molesting/falling in love with this Bones guy ASAP, i love a book with lots of action and a sexy vampire, doesnt get better than that :D

Smokinhotbooks said...

I love love love this series. Probably one of my favorite vamp series thus far. Better than Karen Marie Moning's Fever sereis 'cause we get to read hot love scenes.

Sparklybearsy said...

@jaymangel OOOOOhhh yes, its much a Bones love thing, the BTs will haz him for breakfast, lunch and dinner! they were a wondermous xmas gift to me hunnies, MWAAAH!

@Minxy I loved the twists in the books, people i didnt think would die did, and some decisions Cat made i didnt think she'd do. So cant wait for Spades story next, but im eager as a beaver in a creek for the next Bones book =D

LOL benni, you shall haz them this week to pour over, i guarantee you'll flip your nut for them and Bones, and i think you'll be a Vlad girl too ;)

@Smokinhotbooks Yes yes, thank the tiny baby jesuz upon his sparkly swing that we had hot smexen love scenes in these books *CoughChapter32SayNoMoreSayNoMoreCough* thise is a series im gonna be gushing over for eons to come, just like i do the dark hunters or the BDBs.

Rex Robot Reviews said...

AH! I love this series- great great post!

Kris said...

I seriously need to get back into this series again. I read the 1st book aeons ago, but... Plus I now obviously need to read book 2 purely for the smut value. *g*

Sparklybearsy said...

@Rex Robot Reviews YAY another fan, arent they just fantastic =D

@Kris yes yes yes!! you must, like right now *drags* you wont regret it..seriously you wont!!! The infamous chapter 32, i thought i was gonna combust as i approached it, and it did not disppoint =D

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