Tuesday, 5 January 2010

M/M 2010 Reading Challenge

Thanks to Smokinhotbooks for alerting me there was a man love reading challenge starting over at I Heart Paperbacks blog. Sooo cant wait! Ever since i read the sexual frisson between Butch and Vishous in the blackdagger Brotherhood i have drooled for M/M romance books. Mostly only reading M/F/M with only some manlove with that sometimes, i am excited to do this reading challenge of only boy on boy romances, my first M/M paperback is currently in Amazon eagerly awaiting to come home to me.
I haven't been overly eager in stating how many i will read, i've listed 5 in the sidebar to the right...but this could change since i read soooo sooo many other books. I know 5 will be the minimum i get through, hopefully i will surprise myself and read many more to add to my final total.

Anyone else interested in doing this challenge head over to I heart paperbacks blog now!

Let the ManLove Challenge..BEGIN! =D



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Smokinhotbooks said...

I will join you my smutty m/m romance friend! I've already downloaded 3 books already. Loved Gobsmack by L.B. Gregg and Strongest Shape by Tessa Candeas {sp?)

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

You did it! Yay! This is going to be fun, so much smutty fun! :)

Anesthezea said...

Thanks for joining the challenge, Sparkly!

@Smokinhotbooks - I really liked Gobsmacked. Have you read the second in the series yet? I highly recommend it. :)

Sparklybearsy said...

@smokinhotbooks WOOts!!! i knew your smuttiness wouldnt let me down ^_^ Im trying to get Godsmacked, so far amazonUK doesnt have it and the ebook isnt a format i have..:P lol but i IWLL get it cus Mandi rec'ed it so it must be GOOD!! and i just read the synopsis for the strongest shape, i must get that too!!

@ErotRomReader Bring on the Smut...so much fun we'll have =D

@Anesthezea Im glad to be a part of your challenge, thanks for starting it, my smutty heart is rejoicing =D

Kindle Vixen said...

I signed up. Since reading Josh Lanyon I am hooked! :)

Amanda Leigh said...

I thought about doing this one, but didn't actually know of any books to read, so I wasn't sure.

Sparklybearsy said...

@Kindle Vixen YAY! more people = more fun! I have Josh Lanyon on my to buy list, ive heard great things!

@Amanda oh you should sign up hun! there's lots of blog girls around to give you book recs :)

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