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Grey's Awakening - Review.

Greyson Cole needs to get out of Raleigh. Everywhere he turns, he sees people falling in love, getting married and starting families. It’s enough to make a grown man want to rip out his own hair. And for a cynic like Grey, one more employee getting engaged signals the need for a long overdue vacation. Grey owns a cabin in the mountains he has never even used, and he figures that’s just the ticket out of this nightmare of happily paired-up couples.Grey doesn’t expect to be greeted by a belligerent, half-naked man the minute he opens his cabin door.
Sirus Wilder has known Grey’s twin sister for years, and she has given him permission to stay in the cabin while his residence across the lake is under repair. Sirus has never met Greyson Cole before, but he is thankful when the man lets him share the cabin for a few days. There is plenty enough room for them each to keep to themselves. Sirus has had his heart broken and isn’t interested in a hook-up, let alone something more.
Even so, Grey is, hands-down, one of the sexiest men Sirus has ever seen. Too bad he’s an arrogant ass and his eyes are so damn cold. Every once in a while, though, Sirus thinks he sees a hint of fiery passion in the controlled man sleeping one room away.
For Grey, one look at the roughly handsome Sirus puts Grey’s celibacy pact in serious jeopardy. One problem: Grey doesn’t believe in love, has even less patience for relationships, and he refuses to get mixed up in another messy romantic partnership that can only end badly.
Two weeks. Two hard men. Both running like hell from love.
Look out. Something’s gotta give.

A big shoutout thanks! to Mandi over at Smexy books for turning me on to this book. New to the M/M romance genre i like to take recommendations on what to read, and soon as Mandi tweeted this book was smexen hot i grabbed my credit card and was all over it like me on chocolate!
And im happy to say it didn't disappoint me. The love story between Grey and Sirus right from the start hooked me in and i was cheering for them to get over their fears of love and get together. Both had had bad breakups so had sworn off men until BAM they saw one another and decided to be fuck buddies for the two week vacation Grey was on. The chemistry was most hot between them, i loved that it wasn't just sexual tension but a deeper need for love and companionship. The side story of Sirus' mum not handling him being gay was a nice aspect, i felt for him deeply and i liked how it was resolved in the end.
If you read my last review you'll see i had my first reading experience with a butt plug...well that too made an appearance in Grey's Awakening BUT it vibrated! yes...vibrating butt plug! I was so goggle eyed impressed!
And i read my first ass rimming. That was an experience and a half 0_o  im not sure if i'll ever find reading about someone licking ass sexy or erotic...its an ass people, all that sexy man body to choose from and he picked the ass to lick!
But that's not the best of my first experiences in this book. One word. BUTTER! No lube handy when Sirus and Grey wanted to get jiggy, so they whipped out the Lurpak and had themselves a nice ol' time, but instead of my enjoying the manlove my mind was whirling...what next would they use? mayo? whipped cream? custard? My virgin mind was boggled. These sexy man on man books sure are teaching me much!
For fans of boy on boy love you will love this book, it's so sweet and endearing watching Sirus and Grey fall in love, I loved Grey's anger at a friend of Sirus' Noah getting in the middle of them during an argument , it turned into blazing heated passion that was so hot! You have to love a jealous man!
Grey dug his fingers into Sirus’s coat, possessive fire scorching a trail right through
his core. “You’d better have told Noah to get the hell out.” He pulled on the bigger man,
stumbling them both into the counter. “He better fucking never try to shield you from me
“Noah understands how I feel about you now,” Sirus said in between kisses. He
tilted Grey’s head back and nuzzled into his neck, sucking the sensitive flesh there. “He
knows the score.”
Hardness coated a shell around Grey’s fear, making his voice harsh. “You belong to
me.” Insecurity smothered the softness his soul ached to give Sirus. “He can’t have you.”

I enjoyed the sexual trust grow between them, Grey had never been a Dick taker bottom, was afraid of it after his first experience was a painful one, and when he trusted Sirus enough to roll over i loved the line “I gave you my ass.” Im not sure if it was meant to be funny, but it made me giggle.

My only niggle with this book was it all took place in just over a week,  boy met boy, boy fucked boy, boy fucked boy more, boy argued with boy, boy fell in love with boy. It's just a slight niggle of would that really happen, and it didn't take away the enjoyment at all.

I give Grey's Awakening a delicious 4 out of 5 Sparkles.



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Sagi said...

this book sounds really good lol I seriously love your reviews every time i read them i end up adding a book to my TBR list :) Thank you so much for the entertaining reviews :D

Sparklybearsy said...

lolz, thanks hun, thats sweet of you. and yes yes, add this book to yout tbr! you wont regret it.

Anonymous said...

Great review! I agree with what you said. I really enjoyed the book, but it's hard to suspend belief and accept that all that happened in just a week.

Mandi said...

I have to give the credit to Jennifer (on twitter @iheartreading) for rec'ing it to me.

HOT, HOT book....I liked their emotions..and yes I week is quick..but if you are looking for an erotic m/m..this works :)

The Queen B said...

You hear that? That's the sound of my credit card racking up! LOL, this sounds great. Love the review, baby ;)

pattepoilue said...

OMG you made me laugh so hard! I love this review.

Sparklybearsy said...

@Eyre thanks hun!

@Mandi you're right, its a wonderful erotic M/M book to read, everyone should go buy buy buy..right now =D

@ The Queen WOOTies! you wont regret it hun! and thanks, glad you liked my review :P

@Pattepouilue LOLz thankie hun!

SusiSunshine said...

ROFL...vibrating and butter. OMG, I want this book!
And I totally agree on the ass licking. *ick*
There so many other nice places on a male body.
Love your review!

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks Susi! you def need to get it, you'll love Sirus and Grey they're both so sexily Alpha ;)

Kris said...

"My only niggle with this book was it all took place in just over a week, boy met boy, boy fucked boy, boy fucked boy more, boy argued with boy, boy fell in love with boy."

I love that summary. :)

Oh, and, hun, if a vibrating butt plug impresses you, God knows what you'll do when you come across your first sex scene using sounds. *g*

Erotic Horizon said...


be nice and let the girl ease into this gently...

SB, I love your review, loads of grin from me. I love this book as well...

Dane is a fav of mine..


Sparklybearsy said...

@Kris lol thanks hun! and sounds? 0_o really? oh my!

@Erotic Horizon Thank you hun =)

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