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Fire in his Eyes - Review.

Alcyone Sterling, succubus and owner of Pinkys XXX has a secret admirer, who is leaving her exotic and rare flowers and jewelry beyond beautiful. She doesn't know who it is, and gets even more curious after a clandestine liaison in her bedroom involving a few silk ties and a blindfold.Char, Fire elemental and strongest of the last dragons left in the Eververse, is obsessed and in love with the young succubus, and recognizes her as his mate, regardless of her demon status. He has to have her, and will do anything to attain her. When the rest of what's left of his dying race decided to interfere, Char is forced to made some very rash decisions, all in the name of love

Disclaimer: Book provided by Author.

You know those stories that are about family dynamics and really character driven? Fire in his Eyes is that kind of book but with added in elements of dragons, succubi's, Pleasure clubs, Queens, Kings and Sea monkeys!

Before beginning this book I actually thought i wouldn't like it since Dragon's have never been my thing, How can you like a giant scaley stinky breathed fire breathing creature?

How wrong i was! Char has had to hide with other dragons for hundreds of years from the King of the Fire demons who had order all dragons whatever their element be killed. So Along with Kael who is a water Dragon (Love him! but i'll get to him later) Spiria, Keegan both earth Dragons, and Perrin the baby of the group another fire Dragon all live in a castle/mansion/giant house type building together never mingling with anyone else incase they're discovered by demons.

So Dragons and Demons no likey each other since the war, they will get all stabbity killy if faced with the other....

Until Char Dragon fell in love with Alcyone Demon. And it was then that i forgot i actually didn't like to read about dragons because watching thses two characters fall in love and ache to be with each other was so lovely, it kept me reading right to the very last word. Stella and Audra Price wrote a simple sweet and endearing romance, it was quite a surprise actually, since i expected something similar to another book of theirs "Of Crimson and Collars" but what i got was a sexy love story, character driven with splashes of humour, sadness and a family struggling to stay together.

I adore family dynamics, i love to see characters just talking in a scene, there was alot of that in this book. As the Hero i felt for Char, you could feel his lonliness, his passion to be with the women he'd fallen in love with from afar. How he watched her through the flickering of her candles flame i thought was a nice touch, but what i found most surprising about him was how i loved him when he was in his dragon form. My hat goes off to the Sisters Price for turning my opinion of Dragons around, im usually a stubborn bitch once my mind is made up...

OHH!! and a scene i found so erotic and sexy you just have to look out for, is when Char brands Alcyone with his mating mark...Holy fuck...HAWT!

"I love you too." he whispered watching his brand take form over her hips. It was
a scrolling red and yellow dragon that snaked around her waist like a belt, his tail
ringing round her belly button. It looked like a beautifully detailed tattoo, which
stared out at him with ruby eyes. "Perfect." he proclaimed.

All the love scenes were hot, nothing kinky or anything to make you blush or scream WTF! Just normal all comsuming hot sex with a sexy guy who when he looks at his girl it makes YOUR knees weak to see his passion. Yes, the love scenes have the Bear stamp of approval =D

There's a few stand out parts of the book i had to mention, One is when i bawled my eyes out, It was so unexpected since i assumed the scene (which i wont spoil and say exactly what it is, but you'll know once you read it) would go in another direction, so in between this sweet romance story i was blubbing like a baby :P The other part is Kael is given Sea Monkeys as a gift, being a water dragon he loves anything water related, and just to see this dude who scowls and snarks most of the time being dad like to sea creatures was both funny and get all out cute!

"but you'll have to feed the sea monkeys and I'll warn you they’re all
named, I'll know if you kill any."

I loved the banter that was between Kael and Alcyone, she could see past his pissed off attitude to the nice guy underneath, and their banter carried on right until the epilogue. It's Kael's story next Deep Water. Can't wait to see him again and his sea monkeys! (review of that will follow too soon as i've read it)

A couple things irritated me a little. Camion the Succubus Queen was in a word a Brat. I wanted to shake her several times for throwing "i want my own way and i want it NOW" tantrums. Seriously, you're the Queen, you have everything already, no need to stamp your feet. Besides that i liked her lol

And the other was the Heroine herself. Not being a born succubus demon, she'd bargained herself to Camions to be made beautiful, and i just felt she whined a little of "oh poor me i used to be an ugly duckling no man ever would sex me good until i was beautiful" I understood her way of thinking totally, but i felt she didn't need to explain to everyone in every conversation how she used to be ugly and plain and dull, you have a fire breathin' panting for your body guy under you forget about how you used to be woman! lol.  Other than that little niggle she was a sweet character, so empathetic and compassionate, and i was so cheering her on when she stood up to Camion for wanting to bump hips with Char.

So final verdict for Fire in his Eyes by Stella and Audra Price: A must read for anyone who enjoys a romance with a demony twist. And i can finally say i actually quite like dragons!

I give Fire in his Eyes: 4 Sparkles out of 5!



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Stella Price said...

OOh Bear Im SO glad you liked it! Char is a sexy guy, and you will see him and Al again in Deep Water, though I think you will fall in love with Kael even more (I did, he, aside form Perrin, is my favorite)in his book. Hes utterly romantic.

I cant wait to see what you have to say about it and thanks so much for the review! Im glad we could make Dragons worth it for ya!


Sparklybearsy said...

LOL you only posted so you'd see my giddy "an author has commented my blog" dance!!

Soon as i saw Kael with his sea monkeys i was a goner!

And i was scurred to review soon as i saw they were dragons, i feared it would be a -45 sparkles out of 5. but darn it you changed my opion on them totally...or at least YOUR dragons, i still dont like others LOL! thanks for the comment..made my day! =D

Stella Price said...

LOL no worries hun, Im glad you liked it. We got a scathing review recently so this totally makes up for it.

And theres TONS of sea monkies in Kael's book...

Sparklybearsy said...

WOOT! i just thought that was adorable, and when he told Alcyone he'd know if she killed one cus they were all named i LOLed!

The scathing review person prolly doesnt know how to recognise good stuff when they see it, Sic Char on them :D flame grilled...YUM! LOL

Stella Price said...


My favorite part of Fire was when hes in the hot spring and he purrs.. I laughed my ass off when Aud sent that scene to me...

Kris said...

I think I would read this just for the sea monkeys. *g*

Emily said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm adding it to my TBR pile now. :D
What Book is That?

jaymzangel said...

HEE! sea monkeys, anxious to read this one. love the names!

Marissa said...

I read this one a while ago, but liked it very much! Hope you have a great weekend!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Kris LOL you should! Kael is too adorable with them

@Emily you wont regret it!

@Jay The BTs are gonna wanna be getting a tank full of sea monkeys too...if they come with Kael that is ;)

THANKS ALL for stopping by my review! =)

Jenni Benni said...

Awesome review Bearsy, dragons are hot im looking forward to reading this book!

Minx said...

Not looking not looking, I haven't finished reading it yet.

Bearsy I tagged you on Gutter Girls to make your own book boyfriend!

SusiSunshine said...

I so have to get this book! Loved your review.
And I agree, I don't like the heroines doing that:
"oh poor me i used to be an ugly duckling no man ever would sex me good until i was beautiful"
Too. ROFL!!!!

Sarah said...

I'm soooooo happy I've already got this one in my TBR pile!!!! If I wasn't in the middle of another book already I'd start reading it now but I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. You're interupting my BDB re-read you know LOL!! I can't wait to read about the sea monkeys :o)

Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAH woots! the sea monkeys are TOO cute! I loved Char, when he dragon'ed up RAWR!!!

Sarah said...

I can't wait :o) Know what I'm reading tomorrow!

Sparklybearsy said...

Woots! i look forward to hearing your thoughts about it Sarah =)

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