Saturday, 14 November 2009

To re-read or Not to re-read....

With buying so many [soooooo many!] new books, it's sometimes hard to go back and revisit old books. Books that you adored and were swept away by. As you add more and more new and exciting authors to your TBR lists, more and more new series' it's easy to forget about those beloved stories that crept into your heart and took up residence.  

A series that comes to mind is Chesapeake Bay - Nora Roberts. I was reminded of these just recently on Twitter. I chastise myself because how could i have forgotten The Quinn Brothers? As i've gushed before i love love love how Roberts writes about families, she speaks to the inner me who always wanted to be raised in a "Waltons" type invironment. With The Quinns you got 4 boys, all adopted brought into the House of Ray and Stella, living in a picturesque town by the water, a town that did get togethers on holidays, everyone knew everyone else. I seriously wanted to jump into the pages and be a Quinn!

How could i have forgotten these books?! I need to root through my many boxes of still packed books and find my precious Quinns and spend a few days getting to know them again. Cam and Seth in particular. Mmmmm...I haven't got enough words to use to gush about my love for Seth =D [ Ethan is pretty RAWR too! ]

These characters spoke to me, as most all of Roberts characters do. Each Brother so different but yet bonded as any blood family would be.

So what if i have a pile of new babies to's good to give love to the old ones now and then too. I seriously need an extra 200 hours per day and/or a clone so i can enjoy all the reading i want if im ever to go back and re read all those old fantastic stories.

But for now i have a mission to put Chesapeake Bay series back into my TBR. Oh! and maybe the Three Sister island trilogy...and Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy, and then there's the Silhouette books by Wendy Rosnau [ Beneath the Silk,One way out, and Last man standing ] a must must must re read! And Sharon Sala [ Remember Me, Dark Water, The Perfect Lie, Out of the Dark, The way to name a few! ] And how can i not re read any and all of Linda Howard or Johanna Lindsey?!

Gah! yes, im definitely putting in an order of an extra 200+ hours to the day!



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jaymzangel said...

oh yes, I can't resist going back & revisiting my old favorites. they're like old friends you haven't seen in a while. always worth doing. the 3 Sisters Island & Gallaghers of Ardmore are my most fave Nora Roberts & don't even get me started on Linda Howard. I have all her books, every single one.

Sparklybearsy said...

Oooooo all you say? i may have to pay you a visit BT and play with your Linda Howards!

pattepoilue said...

Don't we have all the same problem?! I need more time. I love re-reading particularly when a new book from a series is going to be released soon, it helps to get back into the story before the release of the new book.
I re-read all the books from a series in a row, it helps show you another aspect of the series when read back to back.
But i need more time!!! Now that my TBR-pile is growing and growing and growing i don't find the time to re-read as much as i'd like. but i still take the time to pick up an old loved book from time to time *sigh*
lol i'm rambling =P

Anonymous said...

Aww, now that reminds me that I need to re-visit my lovely Dark Hunters and the BDB. Oh, and some Lisa Kleypas and Linda Howard too! I so understand the love of re-reading. All my keepers are my comfort reads and they are the ones I know I can turn to that will guarantee a good time. I need to add some keepers to my TBR pile too!

Sparklybearsy said...

@pattepoilue lol i like rambling! and we must campaign together for more time, surely father time can give us at least 10 more hrs! *grin*

@Anna you're right, they are a comfort, like old friends. I heart the dark hunters, Acheron is my boy. true story ^_^

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