Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Syn- Wanted Dead or Alive!

As a member of the Sherrilyn Kenyon Message Boards, i take part in the monthly BAM (banners annoymous member) challenge.
Its mostly centred around anything Kenyon based, movie posters, CD covers, using characters, symbols from each book series. We get the specs of what is required:

  • size
  • colours
  • fonts
  • symbols to be included
  • character/book name included
Novembers Challenge was to make a WANTED poster for any Kenyon Character. I choose the delectible Syn from the league books, as yet Born of Fire is still waiting for me to read it, but Syn intrigued me in Born Of Night, and i had the perfect David Gandy picture that just said "Syn" to me.
DG is just perfection itself, i'd do very bad things to him and feel no durty shame afterwards *grin* Mostly i just make banners, or the odd myspace default picture, so i enjoy these BAM Challenges.


The winner gets a years supply of Acheron kisses...true story...IT IS! *flicks hair* =D



12 Speak to Me:

Cecile said...

While I have not read anything by Ms. Kenyon **hangs head lower, I know**, I think your poster freaking rocks apples!!! I love everything down to the graphics you used, to the man himself. Something to be proud of honey!

jaymzangel said...

RAWR!! I'll have him, preferrably nekkid & oiled =D gorgeous job bt, such a talented bitch my PIC is *SMOOCH*

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Love the tagline, I would so volunteer to be the victim of his crimes. *grins* Awesome job! I am so tempted now to drop everything and go read Born of Night. :D

Pixiedust said...

Gorgeous girlie!! Major kudos! *huggles tons*

Sparklybearsy said...

Daww, thank you much to you all *SMOOCH*

Sparklybearsy said...

@cecile *GASP* *DOUBLE GASP* oh you must...you MUST!! the Dark Hunter books rock HARD! mmmm Acheron/Vane/Wren/Zarek/Fury

And her Lords of Avalon series written under Kinley Mcgregor are fabulous too...oooh and now her league series is fantanstic...Nykyrian...mmmm S'all im sayin'!

go go go go! =D

Cecile said...

Okay... I will head over to the online book store to see the order of the books and series and start somewhere... I am not sure whey I have never picked up anything by her... yet.. not sure. Hummm....

Smokinhotbooks said...

Fact Syn hot. Fact Acheron hotter. Fact Sherrilyn Kenyon kewl. Fact Sparklybearsy has the best avis evah!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! *drool*
What a fab job!!

Sparklybearsy said...

@Smokinhotbooks LOL, i agree a million per cent, acheron is the definition of HAWT!! he'd sooo un vanilla you too ;)

@Ali thankens :D

@cecile start with fantasy lover...a sex god literally pops out of a book...how can that be bad??!?! i cant tell you how long i shook my book Night Play hoping werewolf Vane would fall out of it *grin*

Leontine said...

I so heart Syn and absolutely loving this poster!! I have Born In Fire already on th shelves but still need to find time to read it. Okay, going back and staring at eye candy some more :D

Sparklybearsy said...

@leontine BOF is really good! i see similarities between Syn and some of Kenyons DH charries, but that doesnt take away from the kick ass story or his HAWTness! glad you like the candy hun ;)

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