Friday, 6 November 2009

Kindred In Death - Review

"A phone call from up high interrupts Eve's plans to have a lazy day with Roarke: The teenage daughter of Captain Jonah McMasters, head of the NYPD drug squad, has been found raped and strangled. A terrifying video of Deena, bloody and beaten beyond recognition, hints at a link to a criminal in McMasters's own past, but searching through his cases leads Eve nowhere ? until another rape-murder, and another video, reveals the killer's deadly intent: merciless retribution in the cruellest way possible. Racing against the clock, Eve and her team must work fast to identify the next victim of a killer who will stop at nothing ... "

As a HUGE fan of Nora Roberts/JD Robb i await the new In Death book like a ferocious mountain goat with zero patience.Yes one reason is i adore Roarke that tall dark drink of Irish water - But i love the stories too, i love the characters, seeing them book after book. It's like revisiting family every year, some you want to see more than others but overall you love the experience.
One thing Nora Roberts does is write good family dynamics, whether it be blood family or the family we choose in our friends, i just love it. She draws me in, makes me want to be a part of that close knit group.

Fans of the In Death series will know this is the 35th story (anthologies included) and Eve Dallas the no nonsense kick ass homicide Lieutenant is back to find the killer of a work collegues 16yr old daughter. As always with an In Death story some of the details can be a bit gruesome, i understand why, it is murder after all. The death of the girl is particularly hard on Eve due to her past, but she forever has Roarke there to help her through, he also assists with comp work as part of her police team *dreamy swoon* he's like superman, he does everything!

I would have liked a bit more interaction with Summerset, Roarkes elderly...i wanna say man servant? butler type person :P he riles Eve, they bicker and throw off insults alot but underneath you know they care for each other - or at least have a respect since they both love Roarke.
I have noticed the sexy times have tapered off as each book progresses, there still IS sex, but its less descriptive than say book one Naked in Death. There was a whirpool scene..that was most smexi, Id like to make Roarkes eyes roll back in his head...S'all im sayin'

Overall it was a great read, some technical jargon i could have done without, it kind of makes my eyes glaze over, but as a loyal fan i loved it.
I'd suggest at least 200 more pages of JUST Roarke next time though =)



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Mandi said...

I'm on book 6 or 7..but I love them. I pick one up every now and again. Roarke - oh Roarke. What a man. I love Summerset too!!!

I'd say 200 pages of Roarke sounds about right ;)

Mandi said...

PS - I nice review!!

Sparklybearsy said...

I love love the earlier In Deaths, getting to know them all, Summerset Rocks, hes so dry.

Aww, fankoo Mandi, you're too kind! =D

jaymzangel said...

I still haven't read any of these yet *ducks n covers* I will bt, I will, I swear!

Sparklybearsy said...

*grabs stick* you must bt!!! you will be in a roarke induced drool puddle upon seeing his smexi self!

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