Sunday, 22 November 2009

Im inter-web victorious!

Im most smugly victorious right now, i have defeated the dumb and made my very first blog button, Colour me mauve and call me dilbert cause that was fecking HARD! Ive no notion why all net things have to be so difficult, when developing these things you'd think the comp geeks would take us *CoughMeCough* tech challenged people into consideration. I made a pretty, and than all i wanted was the code box under it, i felt like i sat through a 2 hour exam *wipes brow* Now i just hope i remember what exactly i did so i can do it again :P

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4 Speak to Me:

jaymzangel said...

tis beautimous dahling!

Larissa said...

i love ie it :) i put it on my blog... it took me 4ever to get the box too... i googled my ass off -=)))

Smokinhotbooks said...

{claps} Bravo, you should be taking a bow. I had to get the button code from Fiction Vixen - me and graphis butt heads all the time. Nice button :)

Sparklybearsy said...

Thankens girlies!!! mwah!

and an extra mwah for @Larissa!

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