Tuesday, 27 October 2009


To kick off my blog i needed no second thought to post a hottie, start as you mean to go on!

This book cover was posted around twitter recently and there wasn't a dry seat for fifty miles [haha, yes i said it! ] The book is called "Insatiable" written by Lauren Dane due for release July 2010 [will post closer to the time the UK release date, as yet it's not on Amazon] I don't mind admitting i've not read anything of Dane's yet, not even heard of her until this book cover appeared before my eyes. I decided right then and there that since it gave me an eyegasm i'd read it, not even knowing the story. HEE! yes, i do like a good looking man, and what woman with 2 hormones in her body would say no to that picture?! After pouring over her website and blog i discovered her "Federation series" is Urban Fantasy so something i'd read, checklist time: Hot men? Check! Futuristic? Check! Erotica? Check! To my TBR list Lauren Dane goes.

The blurb for Insatiable..This is a futuristic erotic romance series set in different ‘Verses within the Federation and their enemy territory, the Imperial ‘Verses. Each story is a standalone but there is a story arc spanning the books dealing with the unrest within more democratic Federation territory and a war brewing between the two sides.

The mini-series: PHANTOM CORPS – will focus on the impending war with the Imperialists as an ultra shadowy special ops team is charged with doing whatever they have to to prevent full scale war.

Insatiable will focus on Daniel Haws as he heads into Imperial ‘Verse territory to smuggle out information that could very well save them from a war, or at the very least, aid them in winning it. The following two books will continue to tell that story through the eyes of the other members of Daniel’s ultra shadowy Phantom Corps as tensions heat.

An erotic Sci-Fi/Futuristic series published by Berkley

I generally like word of mouth for an author i am not familiar with, but i can make exceptions for a smexi man sometimes =)



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Anonymous said...

WOOT, my bt's made a book blog! I am so proud of my bestest book bitch =D *mega lovens* MWAH@

Sparklybearsy said...

Aww thank you btlicious *squishens*

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