Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sapphire - Review

A successful executive, M. Taylor Hamilton is on track with her ten-year plan. Too bad her personal life consists of hitting the gym and grocery shopping. Enter the seductive Adam Kirliss. They may have a working relationship, but everything changes at an office party when he handcuffs her to the rail of a yacht. Taylor writes off the adventure as too much champagne, but when Adam challenges her to a date, she agrees to meet up with him. And follow his rules. They share a night of exquisite intimacy, brimming with both pain and pleasure. But afterward, fearful of losing her heart, Taylor pulls back emotionally. Adam is determined to prove that she longs for the loss of control he can give her--and the passionate release it provides. How can he make her see that he wants her, and not just her body?

Disclaimer: Received for an honest review.
*Summary taken from Goodreads*

When do I know I'm going to love a book? When I'm writing notes within the first few minutes of starting it. I was only on page two of Sapphire by Jeffe Kennedy when I noted about the lead heroine "This buttoned up chick needs an orgasm or three" Taylor, is a career woman, a go-getter, a ball buster and that's pretty much all you know about her at first. I got the impression she was highly organised, that sex in her life was secondary to climbing the corporate ladder, and that she'd most probably schedule in an orgasm every third Thursday of the month just to check it off her to-do list. ( Vibrator; check. Minty fresh clit cream; check. Ten minutes; check. let's do this thing! ) That was until business associate Adam turned her world upside down and painted it in a tint of KINK. And although she gave a token struggle against what he wanted from her, she got exactly what she needed.

Beautiful book cover!
Oh Adam. Where have you been all my life?! Here is a hero I can swoon over. He wont be to every woman's tastes. He is this side of bossy and controlling. But hellishly charming and my eyes had the swoons reading about him. He wants Taylor and doesn't give her much room to say no. Within the first few moments of being on the page together he's cuffed her, pocketed her panties and his hand is up her skirt making her pant like some asthmatic feline!

SEE! He's pretty much perfect. And when he slides his jeans off. Lord. I found it one of those most erotic scenes from the book but it seemed to take an AGE for him to show skin! The author teased my very eyeballs with the salacious description of the very simple move until I had to note down "c*ck teasing author. Well played"

A short erotic read. But beautifully written, it feels smooth and effortlessly, nothing rushed and I felt as If I could be in Adam and Taylor's world for much longer and be happy there being a dirty voyeur.

With any erotic book you want to know how the smex Is ( I know It's not just me?! ) There is a lot packed in there. And that's no pun to Adam's size. CoughBigBoyCough. It ticks a lot of boxes and will please the rabid kinky reader. Bondage, D/s elements, begging, safeword, butt play and that's all before his jeans come off!

My favourite quotes:

 This man reminded her of some of those dark and unsettling fantasies she tucked deep away
“I find it…unsettling, that you talk like I’m two different people.”
“It’s understandable. You need to put up a token
effort for the propriety of your conscious mind. You
maybe find the struggle thrilling. I’ll let you in on a
secret.” Kirliss leaned forward and stroked the petals
of the rose. “I confess I like it when you struggle too.
It…stirs me.” 

Such a lovely read. Hot and spicy with characters I loved getting to know.
I give Sapphire by Jeffe Kennedy 4.5 Sparkles out of 5! 

The Pet Shop - Review

An erotic novel by best-selling author K D Grace. In appreciation for a job well done, STELLA JAMES 's boss sends her a pet - a human pet. The mischievous TINO comes straight from THE PET SHOP complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting. Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, VINCENT EVANSTON, who looks like Tino, but couldn't be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences 
Disclaimer: **Received for an honest review**
*Summary taken from Goodreads*

My first delve into a K.D. Grace book and I wasn't disappointed. Most of my erotic reads are short novellas, so i was surprised to see this was a full length story. More surprising that it held my attention. I enjoyed the characters, Stella and Vincent being my favourites, but there is secondary characters that are well rounded and engaging to follow them too. 

What is a workaholic girl to do when her reward for a job well done isn't vouchers as she first thought but a living breathing AROUSED Male from the secret elusive PET SHOP? She enjoys him, of course! 

While leashes and "dog walking" as it were, hasn't been in my repertoire of kinky reads, and not something I've come across in the many D/s stories I've read, I did find the love story behind the characters very engaging. 

A hot read. I give The Pet Shop by K D Grace 3 Sparkles out of 5!